Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 075

undefined thingies 075b
Dancing with the bees. Catching the butterflies.

There again we are, woot!

This outfit is laying around since a few weeks (actually, I am wearing it all the time, ew) and now I just have to blog it, because I want to change haha.

The cardigan by Naith Smit you've probably seen a whole lot in the feeds a while back, cause it was a new release and every girl had to get it, like me. It is longer originally, but I had to shorten it to go with my skirt.

Ingenue lately has a ton of lovely releases. Betty Doyle is putting out that fast, I can't even wear everything of it. But oh how do I love all those blouses, shirts and pullovers she does! And they all come in so delicious colors too. The one I'm wearing here is only available at LeLook though, so please don't wonder about the SLURL not going to the mainstore.

And since my look is totally spring-like, I had to wear that adorable skirt by Whippet and Buck and combine it with some cute flats by Tokidoki. Feel the spring vibes pulling through the last snow!

undefined thingies 075

hair - past - [elikatira]

cardigan - laine cardigan (yellow) - NSD
shirt - sunday morning tee (peach) - Ingenue
skirt - lover frock (thinking of you, part of dress) - Whippet & Buck

earrings - branches all over (gold/green, gatcha item) - undefined lilies
necklace - trees all over (gold/green) - undefined lilies
shoes - le ballerina shines (yello) - Tokidoki


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

undefined lilies 008

vendor - branches all over

Now here they are! Say what?

Matching earrings for the 'trees all over' necklace! I've called them 'branches all over', because it's just branches with and without bird this time. Also, they are only available in two gatcha machines (one for gold, one for silver). Play them for 20L$ each and get a random pair of earrings :D They are transfer for you to trade them with friends.

Have fun!


Gatcha gold
branches all over gatcha gold

Gatcha silver
branches all over gatcha silver

Friday, February 4, 2011

undefined lilies 007

vendor - trees all over

Newness, yaaay!

It has been a while, but now finally I had some time to create a new necklace: trees all over!
Comes in gold/silver and six yummy colors. And if you click the tree it will change to one with a tiny bird. Singles cost 99L and fatpack is 500L.

Matching earrings coming soon :D

trees all over - blue