Monday, May 30, 2011

undefined lilies 014

vendor - treasure meets hoot

Some news!

I just released a bag, yes, you read right: a bag. It is my first attempt doing something none-jewelish and I hope you like it.

The bag comes in 7 basic body colors (see them named 01 - 07) which you can't change. But all other parts, like the wings, eyes, holding strap etc. are texture change, you can even switch the metal between gold and silver.
Only the fatpack version includes the ability to change the body of the owl bag.

Every bag comes with and without left/right hand and shoulder poses so you can wear it as you prefer.

Single: 249L
Fatpack: 1500L

Please take a look at the inworld demo and guide available next to the vendors!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 081

undefined thingies 081b
In a dream.

Hello you all :D

It feels like a shortie today for me, I have no clue why.
Have you been to Shoe Fair 2011 already? No? GO! Not only did I have the chance to participate with my own booth, but also there are lovely new shoe releases on four sims! Means: TONS OF SHOES!

One pair I am wearing today is by Ingenue. They're adorable pumps with a bow on their back side and they come in various delicious colors. Please see attached closeup of them to see all their yumminess in detail.

Another thing I have to put my finger on is my skin. It's not actually included in my credits but on the sidebar on the right of my blog because I am wearing it for so long now. It is soon to be released Elly by Pink Fuel. Yeah, you read it right: soon to be released. Probably end of May, isn't that awesome?

undefined thingies 081
undefined thingies 081c

hair - alex - OH (Fhaya Denimore)

tunic - spring time tunic (seasons hunt) - Addict (Kianna Noel)
skirt - so basic mini (liquid chocolate) - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)
socks - arva socks (wheat) - Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)

necklace - anya (gold) - Sigma (Sofi Trenkins)
ring - nested things (silver/pink) - undefined lilies (Liliana Barrs)
bag - alexa (emerald) - ORTA (Valena Glushenko)
shoes - tallula (moss) - Ingenue (Betty Doyle)

Magnifique Poses (left, middle) (Scarlet Chandrayaan)
doremi (right) (Hani & Lilu Cheng)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Adam 'n Eve: Lyndsey


Today I'm showing you a new skin available at Skin & Shape Expo 2011: Lyndsey by Adam 'n Eve. It comes in 4 skin tones (pale, natural, sunkissed, tan), but I'm only showing you pale today.


Here you can see the whole yumminess (only added shadows). I really like the body and its features. In the pack you can buy there's this normal skin and one with cleavage (see first pic) included, so you can switch matching to your outfit and shape as you want.


There are various tattoo layers with options included. Two of them are shown above: freckles and blush. Oh I adore those freckles!

artful | green t

pink | smoke

Those are the 4 eyeshadows in your pack, seperate as tattoo layers so you can combine them with all the other features as you prefer.

autumn | berry | cherry

citrus | nude | pink

Last but not least your lipstick range. Six different flavors plus you always have the normal lips directly on the skin, so 7 total.

What I'm not showing you here directly are the different brow colors: black, blonde, brown, red. I'm wearing red above and you can spot the black one in pic #3, because those are the ones directly drawn on the skin. Matching with those there are also pubic tattoo layers and hair bases included.
Another goodie inside that package are nail colors for both hands and feet.

All together Lyndsey is a really nice skin that is worth a try not only because it is lovely work itself, but also because there are all those features you can combine free to your taste.

TP to Adam 'n Eve at Skin & Shape Expo 2011
TP to Adam 'n Eve mainstore

hair - breathe - [elikatira]

undies - agnes (oyster) - Whippet & Buck

shoes - rome velvet pumps (oyster) - Vox


Sunday, May 8, 2011

undefined lilies 013

vendor - nested things

It's time for Moody Mondays again!

This time I'm participating with earrings and a ring in gold and silver. As you can see it's a birds nest with eggs inside. Yellow flavor is available for 55L only for Moody Mondays, all other colors are 99L.
After monday I will put the yellow to normal 99L and also release the fatpack for 400L :)

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Friday, May 6, 2011

undefined lilies blog

Hello peeps :)

Just a shorty! My store undefined lilies has its own blog now. If you want to stay informed with my releases, this would be your way to go :D

undefined lilies store blog

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

undefined lilies 012

vendor - spring has fever necklace

Finally I had time to finish this!

Now released: matching necklace for "spring has fever" bracelet. It's a double pearl necklace with same ornament as the bracelet and has a color change bow in the back.

Single: 99L
Fatpack: 300L

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