Thursday, June 23, 2011

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vendor - nerding you

Yay newness, though not really, ha!

The Geekgasm II Hunt starts today and will have a lot of lovely and great gifts for you to hunt for :)
And I am participating with the earrings shown above!

Get more info on the official website.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Fuel: Elly


A lot of you have been waiting. Waiting very, very long. And now it will be released: Elly by Pink Fuel.

Yes, I'm not kidding. It will be for sale on Friday, June 24th at 12pm SLT. And it will come in delicious six skintones (sugar, milk, honey, chai, maple, cocoa). I'm showing you the lightest today: sugar.


There is the whole body for you, though I'm wearing undies to keep it pg. I really like its features, like the bum and the soft moles here and there you can spot on the body. Even in this really light tone I think the details are precious. Not every creator is able to have fair tones in such yumminess.
For different cleavage options you can buy additional packs available in store to add as tattoo layers, like enhancers, dehancers and even a boyish version.

The skin comes in 22 makeups total, all of them have dark, light and red brows included and a freckles option. Also every makeup purchase includes two makeups actually (please see the contact sheet in store) and a ton of lipstick options, like, really: A TON. There is glam and pop lipsticks, juicy and doll glosses and sheer balm versions. All of them have teeth/no teeth. Because it is so, so many, I shooted all makeups with different lipsticks to show you a variety. But there are more lip colors in your package.

Let me introduce you to the makeup pics. The text below the pics means: makeup name + lipstick color. Got it? I won't tell you the freckles/teeth option, because well, you can see if I used them or not, haha.

amazon + pop lipstick laser | angelic + juicy gloss peach | aqua + sheer balm cantaloupe
baby doll + glam lipstick coral splash | bewitch + doll gloss hot pink | copper + juicy gloss nectarine

espresso + pop lipsticks jupiter | fusion + glam lipstick bubblegum | goldilux + sheer balm bite
gunmetal + doll gloss orange | lilac + doll gloss mulberry | meloncauli + juicy gloss apple

meow + sheer balm lingerie pink | misery + glam lipstick vamp | pearl + doll gloss beestung
pure + sheer balm plink | rockabilly + pop lipstick proton | scene + glam lipstick royal

spell bound + juicy gloss raspberry | tiara + sheer balm nude
tiffany + pop lipstick electron | tutu + doll gloss tart

Take a deep breath now that you've read through all of this. Because I know it is a damn lot. But you know what? It's so lovely and worth every Linden Dollar, in my opinion even more than Mochi Milena is charging you for all this stuff. How much it is you ask? It's 900L per package. Yep, you read right: 900L for two makeups in one skintone with all of those lipsticks. It's insane!

Really girls, check it out. Mochi has outdone herself on this, it is by far her most lovely skin work and even if we had to wait almost one year for the final release, it was so worth it. Get that skin!

TP to Pink Fuel mainstore

hair - garden - [elikatira]

shirt - tiny sleep tank (part of jessica knit shorts) - Whippet & Buck
pants - grace knickers (rose) - Whippet & Buck

adorkable poses

Sunday, June 19, 2011

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vendor - love in letters

New stuff!

It's necklaces today called "love in letters". Available in six colors, your package includes both gold and silver versions. Pink necklace is only 55L for Moody Mondays :)

Single: 99L
Fatpack: 500L (available after Moody Mondays is over)

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