Friday, February 26, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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At first I want to thank Mochi Milena (Pink Fuel), Saeya Nyanda (Kyoot) and Addison Mortlock/Caterina Canning/Lavea Alter (A-Bomb) for giving so much love to me, thank you girls, you rock!

My skin by Pink Fuel is in beta status and therefor not available yet. It still gets improved and as far as I know even has no name yet. But a bird told me it may be released in march ;)

The shirt I'm wearing is part of a minidress by Kyoot. It has a lovely back (that is really loooow) with a bow at your neck and comes in 5 muted colors (all dotted). If you got it at 50L friday last week you will have 6 colors though :)

Those ankle boots are pure love, girls. I was wandering around barefoot today to find something matching for my outfit and I ran across these lovelies at A-Bomb. They are colorchange and even modifiable so you can tweak around with the available colors a LOT.

And at one of my fav stores (ehe, you know already, Ohmai!) I got me this cute cardi in all available colors. I did mod all the prims to match my needs, normally it looks totally different. So you see what can be done with simple modding! :) I'm afraid this jacket won't be available in store anymore though, cause I think it has been a special for Creators Pavillion Winter Sale a while back, I'm sorry!

Lilie <3

hair - quinn -
skin - beta skin - [PINK FUEL]

jacket - granny made it (navybaby, all prims modded) - !Ohmai
shirt - low back ruffle mini dress (sisal) - Kyoot
skirt - high waist super skirt (blue) - Narwhal
socks - socks mit suspenders (white, modded) - Pig

necklace - cutie (flower pink mint) - *SiSSi*
shoes - ingrid ankle boots (modded for colorfit) - A-BOMB


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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As you may know I am now CSR for .:StoRin:., which means from time to time I'll do a blog featuring Annah Whitfield's stuff. But just so you know: I'm still only wearing what I like so you can be sure I won't show you something just because I am working for a store. That wouldn't be good marketing and I'm sure lovely Ann wouldn't want me to get my readers angry, hehe
Btw you can read the store blog here

undefined thingies 027b This posting actually exists cause I wanted to show you the new skins from *Leafy which have been released yesterday and because Kaethe Dyrssen has been so lovely to send me a pack <3
I'm wearing lumiel tone (2nd lightest) in nude, but you can get your hands on 8 makeups total (not including nude). And if you are a hunter you even can get another one at Red Packet Hunt :D

But enough babbling, have a look at the skin again and then GO BUY ALL THAT STUFF hahaha!

Lilie <3

hair - girl anachronism - .:[Tiny Bird]:.
skin - miso (lumiel nude) - *Leafy

jacket - henkei knit (red packet hunt) - Oyakin
shirt - i love you (red packet hunt) - KENZIE&CO
pants - colby capri (brown, cuffs modded) - .:StoRin:.

belt - sam him bag (blue flowers) - .:StoRin:.
knee pasties - skinned knees (not available anymore) - { Cheeky Girl }
shoes - ballerine pig (pink) - =u.u= KaWai


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Not that colorful today, but I like it, it's kinda weird, ahaha!

Lovely stores you should visit without thinking about why: =u.u= KaWai with really cute stuff and ::Happy Finds:: with a lot of never seen before necklace ideas.

Have you been at *Fishy Strawberry* lately? You should, cause Fae Eriksen has a special sale with only 3 prices: 50L, 100L and 250L (fatpacks). I got me these cardigans in fatpack which I liked for so long but couldn't decide what color to buy and didn't want to spend too much money.

Pig recently released these cool sweater & bra combos. My worn color here was a stumblebum exclusive, but you can get the set in other colors with sheer and non sheer sweaters :)

Lilie <3

hair - marla - Kin
skin - skye (pink sugar flushed) - [Pink Fuel] at Valentines Bazaar

shirt top - soft cotton pullover sheer (dandelion puff) - Pig
shirt bottom - rendezvous vneck (dusty rose) - Surf Couture
skirt - oversized cardigan (brown) - *Fishy Strawberry*
socks - knee socks mit suspenders (white, modded) - Pig

glasses - glasses (grey) - =u.u= KaWai
necklace one - the tiny mobile phone (dollarbie) - AnnaMayaHouse
necklace two - time necklace (gift) - ::Happy Finds::
shoes - basic flats (brown) -


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie (and Flutter!)

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Today that's a special blog as you can see in the pic above - lovely Flutter Memel did a posting together with me! :D
You can actually visit her blog here, it's really worth the visit!
And when I talk about her I should remember you to visit her store on Starlust and buy some of her poses and get your fingers on her new stuff like tattoos (they are sooo coool :D).

Have you been at Valentines Bazaar yet? No? You should! Lovely gifts with low prices, highest is 50L and so I got this skin from talented Mochi Milena whom I'm featuring in almost every blog here <3

That should be enough of blabbering cause well, you're interested in SLURLs, right? So here ya go for both of us! :D

Lilie <3

undefined thingies 025 b

hair - ghat07 - Beauty Salon CriCri
skin - skye (pink sugar flushed) - [Pink Fuel] at Valentines Bazaar

jacket - em blazer (brown) - PIDIDDLE
shirt - long t (lightgreen & yellow, lace) - Oyakin
skirt - ohana skirt (white) - enchanty
tights - grandpa's gifts (green) - DUBOO*

scarf - knit scarf (dot/red) - Aoharu
mittens - cozy mittens (beige) - Reek
shoes - hai boots (red) - miel





undefined thingies 025 a

hair - cassie -
skin - pillow (light one) - &Bean

jacket - summer bikes (black) - Nylon Outfitters
overall - one piece (pitch) - !Ohmai
leggings - the vines grow deeper (dusty rose) - KENZIE & CO

earrings - black pearl earrings (dark gold) - +plus*
scarf - knit scarf (nordic/gray) - Aoharu
belt - wide waist belt (fruit punch) -
bag - anya bag - LeLutka
shoes - dianthus (rose) - Ingenue