Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Hello guys :) You may have recognized I never really credit my eyes, nor change them. But today I did both - why? Because I fell in love with new eyes by Annie Ibanez coming soon. Really, I did. They come as system eyes and as prim versions too, so you can just wear the normal ones, the prim ones with the normal layer or the prim ones with a transparent tattoo layer that is included. Don't they look just fabulous?

Another newness is Riq Graves cardigan, which you could get in two colors already at 50L friday. You all know I am teeny tiny and therefor I am always a bit afraid if I will be able to fit clothes properly. With that cardigan it really wasn't any problem at all. Its shape is awesome chosen so you all should be able to wear it - yes, it's unisex! :)

Last but not least new release is "drew mini skirt" by Whippet & Buck. It has been available at 50L friday already too, and it's in the Seasons Hunt in a lovely purple color, but now it is officially released. What you can't see here is that it comes with a cute pocket at the front, what makes it even more yummy!

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hair - a little nutty (Seasons Hunt) - Ohmai
skin - elly (pure, not yet released) - [PINK FUEL]
eyes - smoothglow eyes (available soon) - Ibanez

jacket - papercut cardigan (yellow) - Reek
sweater - wool sweater (ecru) - La Maison Kaestner
skirt - drew mini skirt (caramel) - Whippet & Buck
socks - sock flats (chocolate, part of shoes) - Tokidoki

scarf - neck wrap (pink) - Gypsys!
bag - study bag - *Action
shoes - otaku flat shoes (beige) - DUBOO*

marukin (left)
Slash Me Poses (middle)
.:StoRin:. (right)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Leaves everywhere, come join us!

Yay for hunts with cute items! The Seasons Hunt is one of them and you should totally do it :)

My hair by JE*Republic is totally cuteness! It comes with a color and texturchange cap and it makes my face just look so awesome. I really love it and it is perfect for fall outfits.

Have you heard that Kis Kis has a new mainstore? After being gone for a while Bastet Hazelnut is now back (formerly known as NUT). The socks I'm wearing are newness, but she has so much more, please go visit her :)

undefined thingies 058

hair - ruri - JE*REPUBLIC
makeup - blush (persimmon 3) - Cheap Makeup

jacket - soft core days jacket (coal) - (Royal Blue)
cardigan - hallie cardigan (grey) - FIR & MNA
skirt - high waisted tube skirt (Seasons Hunt) - PIDIDDLE
socks - buttoned knee high socks (light, tinted a tad bit) - Kis Kis

leaf - autumn leaf (Seasons Hunt) - Scribble
ribbon - ribbon (rose) - Tokidoki
hand chain - dream of tears v2 (pink) - [Acide!]
shoes - nyox hobbit boots (50L friday) - *Kookie*

Everglow (left)
don't freak out (middle, top pic)
!bang (right)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Am I kittenish? | Yes, I am.

Normally I always try to blog outfits I'd wear in rl, today I don't. Why? I have no clue actually!

I hope you all got this fabolous blouse from Whippet & Buck at last 50L friday, cause if you didn't: it is gone now :P But I'm sure Kota & Twiggy will release it in other colors soon (well, girls, I hope you do!).

Also in this post Im featuring new pose set from awesome Di Hoorenbeek called "silent line 2". Whole set is kind of playful and therefor matched my outfit perfectly. And all of them are done pretty, pretty well :D

undefined thingies 057

hair - fresh - [elikatira]
makeup - blush (persimmon 3) - Cheap Makeup

shirt - liliana cap sleeve blouse (50L friday) - Whippet & Buck
skirt - pivoine (mandarine) - Ingenue

brooch - covered with leaves brooch (Seasons Hunt) - [glow]
corset - constricted (romantic) - LeLutka
shoes - saffron pumps (neutral green) - LeLutka

Di's Opera (all poses used)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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You better think about that again, boy.

Wooo, I so feel like blogging today I thought you won't mind me doing a new post :D

I am wearing a cool new makeup from Cheap Makeup today, which is available in different colors as a gatcha item. There are some more makeups and different lashes in the store, all of them for SL viewer 2.0 cause they come as layers :)

The top part of my dress is from ORTA. I love things like that because they are perfect not only with the outfit they come, but also for other parts inside of my inventory, like ...

Yeah, like this fab system skirt from Whippet & Buck. Normally I am not that big fan of system skirts, but this one is really well done. Of course I edited my shape to make it fit perfectly, but doesn't that look gorgeous?

And also I have used some fab new poses from Di's Opera and Bang, without you posers I'd look like a fool :D

undefined thingies 056

hair - french connection - Clawtooth
makeup - warhol's muse eyeshadow (10) - Cheap Makeup

top (prim) - serena mini (ice) - [ORTA]
skirt - high waisted pencil skirt (black) - Whippet & Buck

necklace - vanity (DU4 item) - epoque
bag - luna clutch (silver) - .:StoRin:.
shoes - freynii (noir) - Ingenue

Di's Opera (left)
[LAP] (middle)
!bang (right)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Welcome | fall.

Heeey! I have been to rl last couple of days, but now I'm back with a fresh blog and some newness!

First of: ELIKA IS BACK! Most of you will remember Elikapeka Tiramisu and her store ETD, well, now she is back with new hair, releasing three fab new styles! I am showing you one of them today :)

Next to that fab Maya Levane from Tokidoki has newness also. See that bag? Isn't it cute? My shirt is from her also, but not that new - you still just have to get it :P

And then you all know I am a big fan of flats and I always love to find some new ones. Well today you can look at some lovely ones from Royal Blue :D They are available in delicious colors!

undefined thingies 055

hair - rumor 2 - [elikatira]

shirt - glis (pastel brown) - Tokidoki
pants - iunno jeans (light wash) -

scarf - my vintage scarf (50L friday) - (Milk Motion)
bag - bow baggu (polka) - Tokidoki
shoes - treading lightly pumps (gold) - (Royal Blue)

[croire] (left)
Pulling Strings (middle)
Posies (right)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Fashionable | librarian.

Hello again! Though my Hair Fair blogs are done, I will sure use my purchases now and then in my blogs, like I do today. But please understand that I won't talk about them anymore like I already did, just because ;)

Visited DU4 already? No? You should hurry! It's only going on until September 15 and everything available there will be gone afterwards, like my cute necklace from Narwhal!

My fav items today are my Tokidoki shoes (aren't they adorable?), my tote bag from croire (and it comes in hand and shoulder option and oh so yummy colors) and my Reek glasses (which come with a HUD for everything to change of course)! I always love Riq's glasses a lot, that's why I most likely will wear those and not others, if I have the choice :)

undefined thingies 054

hair - fine fix'ns - ATOMIC at hair fair

jacket - borrowed cardigan (pink) - detour
shirt - patterned tank (khaki, old 50L friday) - So Many Styles
pants - berry highwaist shorts (black denim) - .:StoRin:.

glasses - augie glasses - Reek
necklace - mirror locket - Narwhal at Designers United 4
bag - vintage floral tote (creamsicle) - [croire]
shoes - flats (gold) - Tokidoki

mijn.t (left, middle)
[croire] (right)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hair you want to nom 08

Sadly, this will be my last blog about hair fair 2010. But I hope I could give you some variety of what you can buy and that I didn't bore you to death. And of course hair fair is still going on until September 19th, so you have plenty of time checking all those hairs out, and some more if you want ;)

Berries Inc - sam (pink grapefruit) | Clawtooth - you're a star (sunny days red)

I did not have any Berries Inc hair until now, but I really like this one. Not only because it has a lovely style itself, but mainly cause of the hat! It is colorchange of course, but I would have wanted some more choices honestly, it only features four colors. Anyway the top and bottom of it can be changed individually, as well as the band and bow.

Ya, well, the name of that style totally matches its look, doesn't it? I feel like a starlet with those soft wavy strands.

Tiny Bird - jailbird (medium warm brown) | Mustache - courtney (redorange4)

As you can see in this example sometimes you have to leave your normal color family to find your perfect color. For me I have to switch to browns or pinks when the red packs don't feature what I want. Nevertheless this style is just awesome, I really like the big back part and the colorchange hairband.

Mustache's hair is basically just cute. I mean, omg, it has a damn big bow!! Who doesn't like big bows?

Berries Inc at hair fair
Clawtooth at hair fair
Mustache hair fashion at hair fair
Tiny Bird at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hair you want to nom 07

Mina hair fashion - thulani (copper sunset) | lamb - lovelier girl (sunset)

Woot, another creator next to all the ones I blogged for hair fair already! What I really like with this one is the enormous choice for a color. Honestly, there's not many creators giving that much variety. It is full flexi and moves funny, haha, and the headband is texturechange via menu, so you can easily fit it to the colors of your clothes :)

My last lamb purchase and oh, I already said enough. This time, pics are more than words :)

Ohmai - ante (yummy carrot) | fashionably dead - lopsided lilly (mars dust)

And my last Ohmai lovage also. Isn't that braided tail in the front simply cute? Again I said enough, I'll let the pic speak for itself this time :)

Now I have to say something though! Because I am including another not yet featured designer: fashionably dead. Their creations are well done and I am a big fan of the textures!

fashionably dead at hair fair
!lamb. at hair fair
Mina hair fashion at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair you want to nom 06

Rezipsa Loc - mary (7am) | - fiona (passionate red)

My 2nd lovage from Rezipsa Loc and again it has this cool fringe. I don't know why, but somehow those fringes fit me really well :D It is very simple, but still adorable work.'s style today is playful. It's not just a sidetail, it is curly! I never know what to tell you about brands like cause we all love their hair anyway, haha!

Surf Couture - del mar (cinnamon) | Ohmai - uriel (yummy carrot)

And the last one of Emma Gilmour's hair fair releases, for me it's "the cool one". The fringe is really low and that's why hides your eyes for a good part. And it has this lovely little ponytail. I think it would be perfect for hair accessories!

Ohmai-time again! :D It features a hairband with buttons in various sizes on it. All of it is color- and texturechange. For me it frames the face pretty well and I like styles that frame my face and it has all those little strands!

AVATAR at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair
Rezipsa loc at hair fair
Surf Couture at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair you want to nom 05

kik - yuko (brown, tinted a tad bit) | Ohmai - narin (yummy carrot)

This is the last of my [kik] purchases at hair fair. And like with "tae" already I really like how some soft strands of hair peek out of the whole thing. They add cuteness and a natural look to the style.

Yes, again Ohmai :) But I just can't stop blogging them! Like "narae" this one comes with a hat with band included in the style. So you can turn off wearing those in the menu that appears on leftclick. But also you can change their color or texture and there are some really nice choices :)

Surf Couture - mosey (cinnamon) | lamb - lovage (sunset)

If I would have to describe Emma's hair fair releases I'd say one is lovely, one is girly and one is cool. Lovely one has been featured in my last blog, today you see girly. This actually is a way I wear my rl hair from time to time, though mine is much longer ;) But that's a reason why I really like this style.

Whenever Lamb Bellic releases short hair styles they are somehow different. She doesn't create simple buns or knots or anything, there's always something special. Like with this one and that's why I had to show it to you.

[kik] at hair fair
!lamb. at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair
Surf Couture at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair you want to nom 04

Atomic - fine fix'ns (carrot) | Ohmai - gabriel (yummy carrot)

Until now I didn't own any Atomic hairs, because they mostly just don't suit me or my face, but this one was love at first sight. It has a colorchange headband and features awesome textures. You should definitely check it out!

Another one of Anya Ohmai's treasures! This one comes with a color and texture change bandana and also a hat as a single object to attach. Therefor you can generate some real different looks with only one hair.

Surf Couture - new haven (cinnamon) | lamb - lovelier girl (sunset)

You all know I adore Emma Gilmour's work and I blog her a lot. The way she arranged her sculpts makes the style look really naturally falling and I love how the colorchange bow isn't only popped on the hair, but the sculpts give the "held together" look.

And another lovely long hair from lamb. God, her long ones are always my favs, though it's always a bit hard to do a good pic of long hair due to their ability to be stuck in your chest and boobs. But nevertheless I am always stunned by their quality.

Atomic at hair fair
!lamb. at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair
Surf Couture at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair you want to nom 03

Rezipsa loc - eliza (7am) | kin - harriet (red)

Rezipsa loc hairs have been another surprise to me, cause I never got a demo from them before. But now I have to ask myself: why? The styles are really cute and good work. And even their red shades offer variety, not like some others on the grid.

I already told you in my first hair fair post, that I love Kin hair. Same goes for this style. I really like how there are still some strands peeking out of the pigtails.

Scribble - my good side (ginger) | kik - atmos (brown, tinted a tad bit)

Another creator for cute stuff is Scribble, and I guess you know already. Just that I didn't own one of their hair before either. But now I do, and I really like it!

And the 2nd designer-repeat in my hair fair blogs: kik. But I can't show kik hairs often enough. I really, really love them. Whatever hair you get, it's always adorable and cheap, omg!

[kik] at hair fair
Kin at hair fair
Rezipsa loc at hair fair
Scribble at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hair you want to nom 02

Clawtooth - french connection (sunny days red) | - sasha (passionate red)

This new hair from Clawtooth is absolutely loveable. It has long wavy strands and comes with a colorchange little cap that offers colors for every outfit you can think of. Highlight of this hair for me is the fringe!

Though wants to do more clothes again after hair fair, they released some adorable new styles. I love hairbands, and yeah, I HAD to wear it in pink :D

lamb - mon cheri (sunset) | Amacci - emmie (light copper)

Another one of my fav hair creators is lamb. Lamb Bellic always makes me happy whenever she releases something new. Same goes for her hair fair styles. This one may hasn't any spectacular scripted stuff, but those little curls are simply cute!

Amacci is one of many that I don't have much hair from yet, and maybe it's the same for you. But you definitely should take a look at them, 'cause isn't that style adorable?

Amacci at hair fair
Clawtooth at hair fair at hair fair
!lamb. at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hair you want to nom


First Hair Fair blog today! I am going to show you only like four hairs each blog and all of them will be from different designers, so you don't get bored and have some variety to look at :)

Beetle Bones - urban turban (rose) | kik - tae (brown, tinted a tad bit)

Beetle Bones' "urban turban" is a really cool and kinda hippy-esque style. It comes with the option of a camo, otherwise patterned or tintable headband. As soon as I put it on I felt like I should goof around.

"Tae" from kik is more girly with it's hairknot in the neck and those lovely done strands falling down your shoulders. Hairs from kik are always cute and very affordable!

Ohmai - narae (yummy carrot) | Kin - elsa (red)

Some of you may know Anya Ohmai did hairs already a while ago, and those already have been adorable. But now look at this! She made all new textures and created supercute styles which you all should get.

Kin is another of those really cheap hair designers and I mean cheap like in "god I love this quality and it only costs some bucks!" Girls, if you don't have a lot of Kin's hair already, I really don't know what's going on with you :P

Beetle Bones at hair fair
[kik] at hair fair
Kin at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig