Friday, August 27, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Without | any words.

I don't have much to say today, but that I felt I did need a colorful springish look. That's why I've chosen the new skirt from Glasnost in a fantastic heavy color. I love its layering look mixing normal and transparent prims. Because of that it looks really soft and fluffy.

And then I put those lovely new shoes from Ingenue in another spring color. When peeking through shoe-newness lately all you see is wedges, and this pair has wedge heels again. But oh girls, you never can have enough wedgies!

And have you got these adorable free scarfs from Royal Blue? They're an opening gift for the new mainstore and come in several colors (and always two attachment spots: chest and spine).

undefined thingies 053

hair - jacinta - TRUTH

jacket - ritzy blazer (silver, platinum hunt gift) - ATOMIC
shirt - dahlia camisole - Last Call (retired)
skirt - flower bulb skirt (bazinga) - Glasnost

scarf - winters coming scarf (duck egg) - (Royal Blue)
belt - weathered snap belt (beige, old group gift) - Surf Couture
shoes - citron (lemon) - Ingenue

adorkable poses (left)
(with love & squalor) (middle)
marukin (right)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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I wonder | when someone will pick me up.

Though on sunday has been my last shoe fair blog, I'm showing you shoes once again, haha. It's because miel has new boots and they are simply delicious! They come in flor (with flowers on the bootleg) or solid and you can change their color via menu (leather, trim and sole all on their own). Oh, AND they come in long and short versions (short is only the foot part, for jeans for example).

Another event you should visit is creators pavillion sale, that happens once each summer and you always can get supercute goodies. So go and buy some :) 'Cause after the sale the goodies will be more pricey again and I'm sure you will encounter some stores you didn't know before!

undefined thingies 052

hair - kanaco c - [kik]

jacket - long jacket (grey, creators pavillion sale) - NINIKO
cardigan (top) - jori cardigan (bone) - 5th & Oxford
shirt (bottom) - long t in (yellow) - Oyakin
pants - a.h. 180 (blue, creators pavillion sale) - *eha

necklace - memory collector necklace - Whippet & Buck
shoes - dandy boot (flor) - miel


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Relaxing time | is the best time of the day.


When I got those shoes from GOS I wasn't sure at first if I like them or not. But then I saw I can remove the ankle strap in shoe menu and can basically recolor every single part of my shoe in red or black, though I've decided to do red only. And now I'm purely in love with my platform pumps, they rock!

My last shoe fair blog today, cause the fair is closing its doors this evening at 6pm SLT. You better go there right now if you still haven't or want some of the gatcha goodies.

Milk Motion’s blazer is waiting so sooo long in my inventory already and I never have been able to get a working outfit with it. But now with those pumps it looked just awesome and it was very easy to find the right accessories in my inv to match it.

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undefined thingies 051c

hair - raina -

jacket - my bf blazer - (Milk Motion)
shirt (top) - moxy midriff tank (grey) - *SiSSi*
shirt (bottom) - twofer tank (sailor love) -
pants - sculpted summer shorts (red) - Beetlebones

glasses - chesterz sunglasses - *Action
earrings - plastic heart earring - Schadenfreude
tie - re tie - miel
shoes - platform pump (red/black, shoe fair!) - [Gos] booth at shoe fair

don't freak out (left)
au soleil (middle)
.:StoRin:. (right)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Dream | as long as you are able to.


Those boots from Shiny Things aren't new and therefor no shoe fair newness, but I wanted to blog them anyway. They are one of the best casual boots I've seen for a whole while. Most of up-to-date releases are worker, dirty, broken-down or sexy boots. But these ones you can wear for a cute and casual outfit. They come with this adorable flowers on the calves and really, I just am stunned looking at them in close-up.

I thought I should do at least one post matching the shoe fair sims, because I wanted to take one of my pics there for sure. That's why I've been going country themed. Reek's hair with cowboy hat and Emery's denim skirt just matched perfectly for what I wanted :)

undefined thingies 050

undefined thingies 050c

hair - topeka 1 - Reek

jacket - wrong size cardi (orange) - *BOOM*
shirt - eva (champagne) - (Elate!)
skirt - denim skirt palette (#01) - Emery
socks - loose socks plain dirty (brown) - +mocha+

necklace - time stops choker v1 - [ skream! ]
shoes - ginger boots (toast, shoe fair!) - Shiny Things booth at shoe fair

.:StoRin:. (left)
pda (middle, retired)
LAP (right)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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This booty is not for you, boy. | But sure keep on trying.


My first thought when trying on miel's "mole shoes" has been: "OMG they are so disco!" And yes they are! Due to their texture they give a shimmering and glimmering look and are perfect for partying. But as you can see I am wearing them ladylike and that's working pretty well! They are colorchange and resizeable via leftclick menu and really easy to fit.

When Whippet & Buck released those bodysuits I had to fatpack. Seriously, they are so soft and comfy looking, I just couldn't resist. And this wonderful big pearl necklace by Action just matches my outfit in every possible way, though you can sure wear it for different kind of styles also.

undefined thingies 049

undefined thingies 049c

hair - ghost - !lamb.

jacket - open cardigan (pink) - {So Many Styles}
shirt - lola striped bodysuit (nude) - Whippet & Buck
skirt - tie front skirt - Narwhal

necklace - susie necklace (lavender) - *Action
bag - salento clutch (silver) - LeLutka
shoes - mole shoes (shoe fair newness!) - miel booth at shoe fair

marukin (left)
(with love & squalor) (middle)
honey and vinegar (right)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Writing all my secrets down | and I don't even tell the birds!


And another one! Surf Couture "knotted wedges" it is. Like all SC shoes, they are just simply amazing. Beautiful satin texture that looks really soft and awesome, and a style to die for. You can wear them for so many different occasions! And I'm sure there will be one color for you, cause there are many :D

My clothes today are big love also. Jeans and tunic are in my inv already for quite some time and I never could do a good outfit with them. But now I got myself this lovely jacket and it just matched so perfect that I had to go for this springy-outdoor look.

undefined thingies 048

undefined thingies 048c

hair - amanda 3 - LeLutka

jacket - tapadito (grey) - .: Naive :.
tunic - song bird (dull pink) - KENZIE & CO
pants - the cigarette jean (blue denim) - [Dekade.]

headband - wildflowers headband (white, gatcha) - Tiny Bird
necklace - hemp & glass beads/rainbow (special gift for 50L friday birthday) - ~Scribble~
book - ais' dear diary (charming's day off 4) - ::{u.f.o}::
shoes - knotted wedges (aqua, shoe fair newness!) - Surf Couture booth at shoe fair

don't freak out (left)
LAP (middle, right)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Now where's the next store? | But first let me rest a minute.

SHOE FAIR is still going on girls (and guys), get your hands on some fab goodies!

Today's showcased foot-goodie is from *G Field* called "knot wedge sandal". Not only they're absolutely cute, you can wear them in different styles! I am wearing them with ankle straps, but you can simply detach those, access the shoe menu via left clicking and tell the shoe you want it without straps and *swoosh*, back strap (that fits with the ankle straps) magically poofs. Also, they come with a viewer 2.0 alpha layer, so you can turn off invisible prims in shoe menu also.

You may ask yourself: Where do I get this kyooot necklace when it was 50L friday item? NO WORRIES! It is available in six other colors at a shoe fair gatcha machine. I had luck and got all of them at first try, haha :P

undefined thingies 047

undefined thingies 047c

hair - kanaco b - [kik]

tunic - painted flower dress (blue, modded) - Tiny Bird
shirt (above skirt) - basic is the point dress (lemon) - mijn.t
skirt - high waist super skirt (bleached) - Narwhal

glasses - ramesh aviators - Reek
necklace - love is a deserter (50L friday) - Whippet & Buck
bracelet - ball bracelet (white) - Atelier AM
bag - my tote bag (flowers) - (Milk Motion)
shoes - knot wedge sandal (pink, shoe fair newness!) - *G Field* booth at shoe fair

don't freak out (left)
au soleil (middle)
<porcupine love> (right)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Will be a busy week | buying shoes at shoe fair!

Please don't try to get in earlier, it won't let you :)

As an official shoe fair blogger I'll showcase some really awesome shoes during the time of the fair, means in next two weeks. I'll try to do an extra good outfit with every pair of shoes I'm getting to let you see what great work shoe designers have done for this fair!

Today's post is about A-BOMB. As you can see I used them in a business way, what, in my opinion, matches best with them. They are very simple and come with a colorchange HUD, like all A-BOMB shoes. They have a nice shiny leather texture :)

Another really adorable newness is my dress by Surf Couture that you have been able to get at last 50L friday in two colors. Don't worry if you haven't bought it, Emma Gilmour will prolly release it in more colors later!

undefined thingies 046
undefined thingies 046c

hair - summer -

jacket - vintage jacket (floral) - Tee*fy at Fleamarket
dress - somer dress (goldenrod, 50L friday) - Surf Couture

necklace - pearl wrap necklace (modded) - Alyssa Bijoux
gloves - half glove (nude) - Royal Blue
belt - itagui belt (eggshellblue) - LeLutka
bag - stella clutch (creme) - [ORTA]
shoes - khitten shoes (shoe fair newness!) - A-BOMB booth at shoe fair

LAP (top pic)
oOo Studio (left)
(with love & squalor) (middle)
don't freak out (right)