Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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When I got those shoes from GOS I wasn't sure at first if I like them or not. But then I saw I can remove the ankle strap in shoe menu and can basically recolor every single part of my shoe in red or black, though I've decided to do red only. And now I'm purely in love with my platform pumps, they rock!

My last shoe fair blog today, cause the fair is closing its doors this evening at 6pm SLT. You better go there right now if you still haven't or want some of the gatcha goodies.

Milk Motion’s blazer is waiting so sooo long in my inventory already and I never have been able to get a working outfit with it. But now with those pumps it looked just awesome and it was very easy to find the right accessories in my inv to match it.

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hair - raina -

jacket - my bf blazer - (Milk Motion)
shirt (top) - moxy midriff tank (grey) - *SiSSi*
shirt (bottom) - twofer tank (sailor love) -
pants - sculpted summer shorts (red) - Beetlebones

glasses - chesterz sunglasses - *Action
earrings - plastic heart earring - Schadenfreude
tie - re tie - miel
shoes - platform pump (red/black, shoe fair!) - [Gos] booth at shoe fair

don't freak out (left)
au soleil (middle)
.:StoRin:. (right)

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