Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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vendor - pottery in disguise

Hellu :D

I've made some new necklaces that are available at the Albero Gatcha Summer Festival starting on July 27th!

Nine flavors available, each necklace comes in gold and silver, one play is 99L :)

guide - pottery in disguise

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Albero Gatcha Festival

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 082

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Ok, you took a pic. Can we go shopping now please?

Hello my fellow readers!

It has been a while, but today I felt some of my blogging mojo coming back. And cause I didn't want to waste it, I blogged!

First of all is this cute top by ufo. Well actually it is a dress, but I modded it to a top because I wanted to also showcase this sexy new skirt from Whippet & Buck which has been out today for FLF. Both are pretty good work and worth your money!

Some not so new, but still really awesome things are my elikatira hair, hat by mon tissu and this adorable bag by Orta. It looks so real to me! Those textures are fantastic, aren't they? I just had to use it here, though I think it was released for the Culture Shock event.

Now, that is all for today. Hope to see you here again soon with a new blog by me :D

undefined thingies 082

hair - little - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
makeup - glam lipstick (coral splash) - Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)

tunic - dotoro dot one piece (lemon, modded) - u.f.o (charming Meiler)
skirt - ayla leather skirt (creamy) - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)
gloves - half glove (nude) - Royal Blue (Marni Grut)

hat - feather wrapped fedora - mon tissu (Anouk Spot, Elie Spot)
glasses - augie glasses - Reek (Riq Graves)
necklace - love in letters (gold/red) - undefined lilies (Liliana Barrs)
bag - natasha (light tan) - ORTA (Valena Glushenko)
shoes - citron (cherry) - Ingenue (Betty Doyle)

Body Talking (top) (Arisia Ashmoot)
estetica (left) (Anastasia Trefusis)
adorkable Poses (middle, right) (Adorkable Peapod)

Monday, July 4, 2011

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vendor - miss matrons secret

Hello und happy July 4th to the US people :)

I have some new necklaces called "miss matron's secret" that feature matryoshka pendants that can be three different sizes. The necklace comes in gold and silver in one pack and the matryoshka is available in 6 colors.

Single: 99L
Fatpack: 500L

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