Friday, March 25, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 077

undefined thingies 077b
Taking my own direction.

Yay I'm in blogging fever :)

My current time schedule allows me to blog more and I hope for some more blogs to follow these two!

Today I'm featuring this lovely dress by mocha owner Moca Loup that was available at 'to one lounge'. Yeah, I'm sorry, it closed on March 15th and I'm blogging it just now, but I couldn't earlier :( But this look is do-able with other cute dresses as well, so no worries.

To not be too cute, I chose to wear that blazer by mon tissu which I really like. Normally it is longer and tight, but I had to mod it to go with the dress. Btw it was really easy to mod, didn't cost me a lot of time and it still looks pretty good that way, doesn't it?

One great item you have to get are the boots by Reek. They're updated and come with an easy HUD now so you can click through all the features to color your shoe! Also, today one color is available for Fifty Linden Friday, so go get them :)

undefined thingies 077

hair - play - [elikatira]
makeup - red hot new years w/ teeth (gift) - Pididdle

jacket - rockaby blazer (grey, modded) - mon tissu
dress - fringed orchid (white) - >to one lounge item (closed)
tights - victorian club tights (part of outfit) - Paper Couture

hat - knit fur beret (yodo black) - Saikin
necklace - yard sale stroll (gold/floral04) - undefined lilies
ring - yard sale stroll (gold/floral04) - undefined lilies
shoes - boston boots (updated version) - Reek

adorkable poses (all)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 076

undefined thingies 076b
Shhht, be quiet!

Today's style began with that lovely skirt by Kellie Iwish from Elate. Originally it is the skirtpart of a dress, but I just moved it up below my breasts and liked it pretty much.

Since I wanted the nerdy, librarian look, I just had to use that shirt by Kyoot, just cause of its name, lol. But of course as you can see it totally fits in style also. The shrug by TinyBird just matched it perfectly!

Some jewels (yea my own, I am selfish :P), nerdy readers (what a nice giftie) - outfit finished, yay! Sorry, I'm short with words today. Only thing I can tell you is, it was hard to find a library that I actually liked to take my pic at. HA!

undefined thingies 076

hair - just - [elikatira]
makeup - blush (persimmon 3) - Cheap Makeup

cardigan - sausalito shrug (wine) - TinyBird
shirt - bookworm top (artiste) - Kyoot
skirt - brooke (cranberry, part of dress) - Elate
socks - short loose socks (white) - mocha

glasses - favorite readers (group gift) - mon tissu
necklace - teensy clutter (gold/umbrella04) - undefined lilies
shoes - le ballerina shines (brown) - Tokidoki

adorkable poses (top, bottom left and middle)
estetica (right)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

undefined lilies 010

undefined lilies mainstore


Me and my store have expanded and moved to another sim. Now it is officially open and I want you to come celebrate with me! I worked extra hard to finish the store, a new jewelry set and a freebie :)

vendor - teensy clutter

The new set is called 'teensy clutter' and features four short necklaces with sculpted umbrellas and colorchange roses. One set costs 99L and includes both gold and silver version. Fatpack is 300L.
Also, the freebie is a different version from that new set. It has only the umbrella and no rose, but also comes in gold and silver.

undefined lilies mainstore

gift - teensy clutter

Thursday, March 3, 2011

undefined lilies 009

vendor - yard sale stroll ringset

Yay new stuff!

This time I felt love vibrations and therefor was inspired to create a romantic, victorian set called 'yard sale stroll'.
You can either get just the necklace for 99L or a set of earrings and a ring for 99L also, or: just buy both to wear them matching! You can chose from 6 different floral motives. There's also a fatpack available for 500L :)


vendor - yard sale stroll necklace

yard sale stroll - floral03