Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 076

undefined thingies 076b
Shhht, be quiet!

Today's style began with that lovely skirt by Kellie Iwish from Elate. Originally it is the skirtpart of a dress, but I just moved it up below my breasts and liked it pretty much.

Since I wanted the nerdy, librarian look, I just had to use that shirt by Kyoot, just cause of its name, lol. But of course as you can see it totally fits in style also. The shrug by TinyBird just matched it perfectly!

Some jewels (yea my own, I am selfish :P), nerdy readers (what a nice giftie) - outfit finished, yay! Sorry, I'm short with words today. Only thing I can tell you is, it was hard to find a library that I actually liked to take my pic at. HA!

undefined thingies 076

hair - just - [elikatira]
makeup - blush (persimmon 3) - Cheap Makeup

cardigan - sausalito shrug (wine) - TinyBird
shirt - bookworm top (artiste) - Kyoot
skirt - brooke (cranberry, part of dress) - Elate
socks - short loose socks (white) - mocha

glasses - favorite readers (group gift) - mon tissu
necklace - teensy clutter (gold/umbrella04) - undefined lilies
shoes - le ballerina shines (brown) - Tokidoki

adorkable poses (top, bottom left and middle)
estetica (right)

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