Sunday, December 18, 2011

undefined thingies 083

undefined thingies 083b
Went seeing some nature.

Yep, you've seen it right: I'm blogging an outfit. Woo!

Well, I just wanted to do it, simply cause I had fun putting it together with some pieces of just opened Four Corners!

I loved that skirt from Willow though it was kinda hard pairing it with something different than the included blouse. Simply because it is a dress originally and so the skirt does not come with single clothing layers. But as you can see, some work-around with other things and it works out quite well!

Another really adorable find at Four Corners are Milk Motions vintage heels. You can wear them bare (like I did) or with sculpted socks/sculpted feet you can of course retint (yep, the socks too). Lovely, aren't they?

Now go and do some shopping and don't forget to vote for your favorite corner at Four Corners!

undefined thingies 083

hair - quirky - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

top - meela lace dress (nude) - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)
skirt - part of bookworm dress (buttercup) - Willow at Four Corners (Weezey Warwillow)
tights - dot-ed after tights (nude) - Vive 9 (Sanya Bilavio)

necklace - dainty rain (gold/white) - undefined lilies at Four Corners (Liliana Barrs)
bow - part of gene (noir) - Ingenue (Betty Doyle)
shoes - my vintage heels (grey) - Milk Motion at Four Corners (Marie Lauridsen)

Everglow (all) (Fanny Willis)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

undefined lilies 023

vendor - dainty rain

Today Four Corners started and I am participating with this necklace in three pearl colors, 99L each!

The event is from Dec 17 to 31, so should be enough time for everyone to take a look at.
For your info a part of the press release:

"Highlighting 4 fun trends from 2011. Let's end the year in style!

A collaboration between designers and decorators, working together to bring these themes to life! Over 40 new releases, inspirational decor arrangements, and a little competition!

Make sure you cast your vote for your favorite trend! Only 1 vote per avatar, so choose wisely!"

tp to Four Corners
tp to undefined lilies mainstore

Sunday, November 27, 2011

undefined lilies 022

vendor - petting zoo

I'm a little late on that notice, but well! My first participation in Project Themeory this weekend, theme is: totally kawaii.

So I made earrings - each 75L until today 11:59pm :D There are also available: bunny/carrot, dog/bone and mouse/cheese.

tp to undefined lilies mainstore

Saturday, November 12, 2011

undefined lilies 021

vendor - fanciers best necklace


So, this is just a shorty to show you what items I have made for Vintage Fair, that is open until December 3rd.

All of them are available in 5 gem colors and each comes packed with gold & silver metal option :)
Oh, I'm in East Street!

vendor - fanciers best earrings

vendor - fanciers best brooch

tp to Vintage Fair

Saturday, October 1, 2011

undefined lilies 020

vendor - elephantastic earrings

Free*Style is turning 4 this October! And to celebrate, they've invited over 100 of their favorite creators to make birthday gifts for either 4L, 44L or 444L. This big party started today at 12pm and is ending on October 14th.

I made some elephant earrings matching my latest necklace release. They are 44L each, go get your deals!

tp to 4.44.444

Saturday, September 24, 2011

undefined lilies 019

vendor - elephantastic

Hello! :D

Some new release after all my movings in RL & SL! A necklace with a tiny elephant, available in six colors, as always gold and silver included.

Single: 99L
Fatpack: 500L

undefined lilies mainstore

Monday, September 19, 2011

undefined lilies moved

moving sale

undefined lilies new mainstore

Thank you to everyone who wanted to help me with land for my store!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

undefined lilies 018

vendor - pottery in disguise

Hellu :D

I've made some new necklaces that are available at the Albero Gatcha Summer Festival starting on July 27th!

Nine flavors available, each necklace comes in gold and silver, one play is 99L :)

guide - pottery in disguise

undefined lilies mainstore
Albero Gatcha Festival

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 082

undefined thingies 082b
Ok, you took a pic. Can we go shopping now please?

Hello my fellow readers!

It has been a while, but today I felt some of my blogging mojo coming back. And cause I didn't want to waste it, I blogged!

First of all is this cute top by ufo. Well actually it is a dress, but I modded it to a top because I wanted to also showcase this sexy new skirt from Whippet & Buck which has been out today for FLF. Both are pretty good work and worth your money!

Some not so new, but still really awesome things are my elikatira hair, hat by mon tissu and this adorable bag by Orta. It looks so real to me! Those textures are fantastic, aren't they? I just had to use it here, though I think it was released for the Culture Shock event.

Now, that is all for today. Hope to see you here again soon with a new blog by me :D

undefined thingies 082

hair - little - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
makeup - glam lipstick (coral splash) - Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)

tunic - dotoro dot one piece (lemon, modded) - u.f.o (charming Meiler)
skirt - ayla leather skirt (creamy) - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)
gloves - half glove (nude) - Royal Blue (Marni Grut)

hat - feather wrapped fedora - mon tissu (Anouk Spot, Elie Spot)
glasses - augie glasses - Reek (Riq Graves)
necklace - love in letters (gold/red) - undefined lilies (Liliana Barrs)
bag - natasha (light tan) - ORTA (Valena Glushenko)
shoes - citron (cherry) - Ingenue (Betty Doyle)

Body Talking (top) (Arisia Ashmoot)
estetica (left) (Anastasia Trefusis)
adorkable Poses (middle, right) (Adorkable Peapod)

Monday, July 4, 2011

undefined lilies 017

vendor - miss matrons secret

Hello und happy July 4th to the US people :)

I have some new necklaces called "miss matron's secret" that feature matryoshka pendants that can be three different sizes. The necklace comes in gold and silver in one pack and the matryoshka is available in 6 colors.

Single: 99L
Fatpack: 500L

undefined lilies mainstore

Thursday, June 23, 2011

undefined lilies 016

vendor - nerding you

Yay newness, though not really, ha!

The Geekgasm II Hunt starts today and will have a lot of lovely and great gifts for you to hunt for :)
And I am participating with the earrings shown above!

Get more info on the official website.

undefined lilies mainstore

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink Fuel: Elly


A lot of you have been waiting. Waiting very, very long. And now it will be released: Elly by Pink Fuel.

Yes, I'm not kidding. It will be for sale on Friday, June 24th at 12pm SLT. And it will come in delicious six skintones (sugar, milk, honey, chai, maple, cocoa). I'm showing you the lightest today: sugar.


There is the whole body for you, though I'm wearing undies to keep it pg. I really like its features, like the bum and the soft moles here and there you can spot on the body. Even in this really light tone I think the details are precious. Not every creator is able to have fair tones in such yumminess.
For different cleavage options you can buy additional packs available in store to add as tattoo layers, like enhancers, dehancers and even a boyish version.

The skin comes in 22 makeups total, all of them have dark, light and red brows included and a freckles option. Also every makeup purchase includes two makeups actually (please see the contact sheet in store) and a ton of lipstick options, like, really: A TON. There is glam and pop lipsticks, juicy and doll glosses and sheer balm versions. All of them have teeth/no teeth. Because it is so, so many, I shooted all makeups with different lipsticks to show you a variety. But there are more lip colors in your package.

Let me introduce you to the makeup pics. The text below the pics means: makeup name + lipstick color. Got it? I won't tell you the freckles/teeth option, because well, you can see if I used them or not, haha.

amazon + pop lipstick laser | angelic + juicy gloss peach | aqua + sheer balm cantaloupe
baby doll + glam lipstick coral splash | bewitch + doll gloss hot pink | copper + juicy gloss nectarine

espresso + pop lipsticks jupiter | fusion + glam lipstick bubblegum | goldilux + sheer balm bite
gunmetal + doll gloss orange | lilac + doll gloss mulberry | meloncauli + juicy gloss apple

meow + sheer balm lingerie pink | misery + glam lipstick vamp | pearl + doll gloss beestung
pure + sheer balm plink | rockabilly + pop lipstick proton | scene + glam lipstick royal

spell bound + juicy gloss raspberry | tiara + sheer balm nude
tiffany + pop lipstick electron | tutu + doll gloss tart

Take a deep breath now that you've read through all of this. Because I know it is a damn lot. But you know what? It's so lovely and worth every Linden Dollar, in my opinion even more than Mochi Milena is charging you for all this stuff. How much it is you ask? It's 900L per package. Yep, you read right: 900L for two makeups in one skintone with all of those lipsticks. It's insane!

Really girls, check it out. Mochi has outdone herself on this, it is by far her most lovely skin work and even if we had to wait almost one year for the final release, it was so worth it. Get that skin!

TP to Pink Fuel mainstore

hair - garden - [elikatira]

shirt - tiny sleep tank (part of jessica knit shorts) - Whippet & Buck
pants - grace knickers (rose) - Whippet & Buck

adorkable poses

Sunday, June 19, 2011

undefined lilies 015

vendor - love in letters

New stuff!

It's necklaces today called "love in letters". Available in six colors, your package includes both gold and silver versions. Pink necklace is only 55L for Moody Mondays :)

Single: 99L
Fatpack: 500L (available after Moody Mondays is over)

undefined lilies mainstore

Monday, May 30, 2011

undefined lilies 014

vendor - treasure meets hoot

Some news!

I just released a bag, yes, you read right: a bag. It is my first attempt doing something none-jewelish and I hope you like it.

The bag comes in 7 basic body colors (see them named 01 - 07) which you can't change. But all other parts, like the wings, eyes, holding strap etc. are texture change, you can even switch the metal between gold and silver.
Only the fatpack version includes the ability to change the body of the owl bag.

Every bag comes with and without left/right hand and shoulder poses so you can wear it as you prefer.

Single: 249L
Fatpack: 1500L

Please take a look at the inworld demo and guide available next to the vendors!

undefined lilies mainstore

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 081

undefined thingies 081b
In a dream.

Hello you all :D

It feels like a shortie today for me, I have no clue why.
Have you been to Shoe Fair 2011 already? No? GO! Not only did I have the chance to participate with my own booth, but also there are lovely new shoe releases on four sims! Means: TONS OF SHOES!

One pair I am wearing today is by Ingenue. They're adorable pumps with a bow on their back side and they come in various delicious colors. Please see attached closeup of them to see all their yumminess in detail.

Another thing I have to put my finger on is my skin. It's not actually included in my credits but on the sidebar on the right of my blog because I am wearing it for so long now. It is soon to be released Elly by Pink Fuel. Yeah, you read it right: soon to be released. Probably end of May, isn't that awesome?

undefined thingies 081
undefined thingies 081c

hair - alex - OH (Fhaya Denimore)

tunic - spring time tunic (seasons hunt) - Addict (Kianna Noel)
skirt - so basic mini (liquid chocolate) - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)
socks - arva socks (wheat) - Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)

necklace - anya (gold) - Sigma (Sofi Trenkins)
ring - nested things (silver/pink) - undefined lilies (Liliana Barrs)
bag - alexa (emerald) - ORTA (Valena Glushenko)
shoes - tallula (moss) - Ingenue (Betty Doyle)

Magnifique Poses (left, middle) (Scarlet Chandrayaan)
doremi (right) (Hani & Lilu Cheng)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Adam 'n Eve: Lyndsey


Today I'm showing you a new skin available at Skin & Shape Expo 2011: Lyndsey by Adam 'n Eve. It comes in 4 skin tones (pale, natural, sunkissed, tan), but I'm only showing you pale today.


Here you can see the whole yumminess (only added shadows). I really like the body and its features. In the pack you can buy there's this normal skin and one with cleavage (see first pic) included, so you can switch matching to your outfit and shape as you want.


There are various tattoo layers with options included. Two of them are shown above: freckles and blush. Oh I adore those freckles!

artful | green t

pink | smoke

Those are the 4 eyeshadows in your pack, seperate as tattoo layers so you can combine them with all the other features as you prefer.

autumn | berry | cherry

citrus | nude | pink

Last but not least your lipstick range. Six different flavors plus you always have the normal lips directly on the skin, so 7 total.

What I'm not showing you here directly are the different brow colors: black, blonde, brown, red. I'm wearing red above and you can spot the black one in pic #3, because those are the ones directly drawn on the skin. Matching with those there are also pubic tattoo layers and hair bases included.
Another goodie inside that package are nail colors for both hands and feet.

All together Lyndsey is a really nice skin that is worth a try not only because it is lovely work itself, but also because there are all those features you can combine free to your taste.

TP to Adam 'n Eve at Skin & Shape Expo 2011
TP to Adam 'n Eve mainstore

hair - breathe - [elikatira]

undies - agnes (oyster) - Whippet & Buck

shoes - rome velvet pumps (oyster) - Vox


Sunday, May 8, 2011

undefined lilies 013

vendor - nested things

It's time for Moody Mondays again!

This time I'm participating with earrings and a ring in gold and silver. As you can see it's a birds nest with eggs inside. Yellow flavor is available for 55L only for Moody Mondays, all other colors are 99L.
After monday I will put the yellow to normal 99L and also release the fatpack for 400L :)

undefined lilies mainstore

Friday, May 6, 2011

undefined lilies blog

Hello peeps :)

Just a shorty! My store undefined lilies has its own blog now. If you want to stay informed with my releases, this would be your way to go :D

undefined lilies store blog

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

undefined lilies 012

vendor - spring has fever necklace

Finally I had time to finish this!

Now released: matching necklace for "spring has fever" bracelet. It's a double pearl necklace with same ornament as the bracelet and has a color change bow in the back.

Single: 99L
Fatpack: 300L

undefined lilies mainstore

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 080

undefined thingies 080b
Free like a bird.

It has been a while!

But I have to blog some important things before you miss the chance to get them.
First of all and you probably heard it already: Tiny Bird is closing. Therefor there is a sale until April 30 and you just need to get that pretty dress I am wearing. And most of the other goodies as well.

Second is the Seasons Hunt Spring which ends April 30 as well. I am only wearing one of the gifts available at all those lovely stores, and I love that necklace. But you should really check all of them out and grab your hunt gifts quick before it's over.

Third: OMG I love those shoes by SLink! I am honest, I had some problems first to fit them well since I am quite small and when I had the feeling the feet size matches my body size, they didn't fit at my ankles. But I got it working and getting the right skin color was really easy. And now I am deeply in love and am wearing them for weeks.

undefined thingies 080

hair - shinobu (hat) - kik

shrug - lore knit shrug (yellow) - mon tissu
dress - old friend dress (nude) - Tiny Bird

necklace - my own tree (Seasons Hunt) - Concrete Flowers
bracelet - spring has fever (silver/mint) - undefined lilies
shoes - ariadne II (chocolate) - SLink

Everglow (left)
adorkable poses (middle, right)

Monday, April 11, 2011

undefined lilies 011

moody mondays - spring has fever

Newness, yay!

I've made some bracelets that come in gold and silver and have a colorchange bow on their back side. They're out only today April 11th for 55L for Moody Mondays, afterwards they will be set to normal price.

Fatpack will be available when Moody Mondays is over :)

undefined lilies mainstore

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 079

GLANCE Front Row 2011 - Official Flyer
GlANCE Front Row 2011

undefined thingies 079b
Hiding from you and yourself.

I won't say a lot today, because I said everything neccessary about GLANCE Front Row and POSE FAIR in my last blog already.

Just: I had fun doing this outfit today and I love the way it turned out! Thankfully I had matching poses, thanks you lovely creators for your work :D

undefined thingies 079

hair - breathe - [elikatira]

dress - lucidity (cream, Front Row Exclusive) - JANE
skirt - obsessive (auld blue chocolate, Front Row Exclusive) - Vanitas Vesture

hat - borghild (wood) - LeLutka
necklace & earrings - macaria (rosa, Front Row Exclusive) - Lolapop
belt - obsessive (auld blue chocolate, Front Row Exclusive) - Vanitas Vesture
shoes - alexa (bronze, Front Row Exclusive) - Felicity

hush/hush - doremi (big pic)
model abc 2 - body talking (left)
a shy suggestion & bunny - doremi (middle, right)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 078

GLANCE Front Row 2011 - Official Flyer
GlANCE Front Row 2011

undefined thingies 078b

Two events are starting as of today! And I'm blogging both, trying to put parts of them together so you can see the big variety available :)

First of all is GLANCE Front Row Event that has 100% proceeds going to Relay for Life. Creators did a wondeful job and made exclusive items only available for that event. Please read more about Relay for Life here :)

The other one starting today as well is POSE FAIR 2011! I am featuring three creators with new releases at pose fair today. It's really big again and I'd say with more creators than last year, but I am not sure honestly, lol. Please go take a look at all the goodies!

undefined thingies 078

hair - comfort - [elikatira]

shirt - zoe (banana) - Ingenue
bustier - front row bustier (Front Row Exclusive) - Nemesis
skirt - anna (skirt and belt, Front Row Exclusive) - JANE

necklace - pearlset (Front Row Exclusive) - MINA Bijoux
shoes - flower pumps eve (red) - G Field

fresh 2 mirror - estetica (big pic, Pose Fair)
dapper 9 - adorkable poses (left, Pose Fair)
twggy 4b & 9b - body talking (middle, right, Pose Fair)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 077

undefined thingies 077b
Taking my own direction.

Yay I'm in blogging fever :)

My current time schedule allows me to blog more and I hope for some more blogs to follow these two!

Today I'm featuring this lovely dress by mocha owner Moca Loup that was available at 'to one lounge'. Yeah, I'm sorry, it closed on March 15th and I'm blogging it just now, but I couldn't earlier :( But this look is do-able with other cute dresses as well, so no worries.

To not be too cute, I chose to wear that blazer by mon tissu which I really like. Normally it is longer and tight, but I had to mod it to go with the dress. Btw it was really easy to mod, didn't cost me a lot of time and it still looks pretty good that way, doesn't it?

One great item you have to get are the boots by Reek. They're updated and come with an easy HUD now so you can click through all the features to color your shoe! Also, today one color is available for Fifty Linden Friday, so go get them :)

undefined thingies 077

hair - play - [elikatira]
makeup - red hot new years w/ teeth (gift) - Pididdle

jacket - rockaby blazer (grey, modded) - mon tissu
dress - fringed orchid (white) - >to one lounge item (closed)
tights - victorian club tights (part of outfit) - Paper Couture

hat - knit fur beret (yodo black) - Saikin
necklace - yard sale stroll (gold/floral04) - undefined lilies
ring - yard sale stroll (gold/floral04) - undefined lilies
shoes - boston boots (updated version) - Reek

adorkable poses (all)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 076

undefined thingies 076b
Shhht, be quiet!

Today's style began with that lovely skirt by Kellie Iwish from Elate. Originally it is the skirtpart of a dress, but I just moved it up below my breasts and liked it pretty much.

Since I wanted the nerdy, librarian look, I just had to use that shirt by Kyoot, just cause of its name, lol. But of course as you can see it totally fits in style also. The shrug by TinyBird just matched it perfectly!

Some jewels (yea my own, I am selfish :P), nerdy readers (what a nice giftie) - outfit finished, yay! Sorry, I'm short with words today. Only thing I can tell you is, it was hard to find a library that I actually liked to take my pic at. HA!

undefined thingies 076

hair - just - [elikatira]
makeup - blush (persimmon 3) - Cheap Makeup

cardigan - sausalito shrug (wine) - TinyBird
shirt - bookworm top (artiste) - Kyoot
skirt - brooke (cranberry, part of dress) - Elate
socks - short loose socks (white) - mocha

glasses - favorite readers (group gift) - mon tissu
necklace - teensy clutter (gold/umbrella04) - undefined lilies
shoes - le ballerina shines (brown) - Tokidoki

adorkable poses (top, bottom left and middle)
estetica (right)