Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 080

undefined thingies 080b
Free like a bird.

It has been a while!

But I have to blog some important things before you miss the chance to get them.
First of all and you probably heard it already: Tiny Bird is closing. Therefor there is a sale until April 30 and you just need to get that pretty dress I am wearing. And most of the other goodies as well.

Second is the Seasons Hunt Spring which ends April 30 as well. I am only wearing one of the gifts available at all those lovely stores, and I love that necklace. But you should really check all of them out and grab your hunt gifts quick before it's over.

Third: OMG I love those shoes by SLink! I am honest, I had some problems first to fit them well since I am quite small and when I had the feeling the feet size matches my body size, they didn't fit at my ankles. But I got it working and getting the right skin color was really easy. And now I am deeply in love and am wearing them for weeks.

undefined thingies 080

hair - shinobu (hat) - kik

shrug - lore knit shrug (yellow) - mon tissu
dress - old friend dress (nude) - Tiny Bird

necklace - my own tree (Seasons Hunt) - Concrete Flowers
bracelet - spring has fever (silver/mint) - undefined lilies
shoes - ariadne II (chocolate) - SLink

Everglow (left)
adorkable poses (middle, right)


  1. very sweet picture. do you use a romi skin?

  2. Thank you :)

    But no, it's a soon to be released skin by Pink Fuel :D