Tuesday, December 14, 2010

undefined lilies 006

vendor - birdielicious again

That has been fast!

I've made some matching earrings for my latest necklace "birdielicious".
Also, it is a holiday special! If you buy one pack of them for 99L (bird in one color, gold/silver), you will receive a special pack of earrings to gift to a friend. Fatpack version for 300L includes two special earrings for you to keep one and still be able to send a gift (or gift all of them).

After January 2nd the special version will be gone forever and won't be sold again and the price of one set will drop slightly.

birdielicious again info

Sunday, December 12, 2010

undefined lilies 005

vendor - birdielicious

Newness by me :)

I have been working on another necklace, it's called "birdielicious". The bird comes in 4 colors and each pack for 99L includes both gold and silver necklace. The little pearl the bird is holding is colorchange via menu and features 4 colors also :)
Fatpack is of course available too, includes all necklaces for 300L.

birdielicious - blue

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 071

undefined thingies 071b
I'm going to hide.Will you try to find me?

Some newness today again :)

First this lovely bow scarf/necklace by Royal Blue. They come in various colors and chest/spine options and I simply adore them, but I'm not quite sure if they're released already. If they aren't, they probably will next couple of days. They are so cute and glam at the same time! You could wear it perfectly with something more formal too, I am sure.

The other news this time is: La Maison Kaestner has opened a new mainstore and released adorable new items. For today I am showing you the new knee high socks that are available in different color packs of three colors each. I think they are perfect to wear them with boots like I did. But try them with whatever shoes and styles you can think of!

Not that new, but beloved: my dress by Oyakin. I am a big fan of Kinbo Akina, for a long time already. And yeah, showcasing that cute little store has been a bit short lately. Therefor It is the main part of my outfit today :) If you're looking for cuteness, this store should be one of your very first locations to visit. End.

undefined thingies 071

hair - scarlet -

jacket - leigh jacket (grey, modded) - Modd.G
dress - mizutama onp (strawberry) - Oyakin
socks - basic knee knit socks (yellow) - La Maison Kaestner

scarf - bow good times necklace (duck) - (Royal Blue)
shoes - my leather boots - Milk Motion

pda (top, retired)
estetica (bottom all)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 070

undefined thingies 070b
You better hurry. I will eat it all by myself.

Ok this wasn't one of my fast outfits like last two blogs, but it was faster than I expected, cause for some blog outfits I need days to find the right pieces!
So, I put a lot of newer stuff together. You know I'm not a newness blogger, but use whatever fits, but this time most of it really should be around in SL for you to grab :D

Like this lovely shirt by with its buttons on the upper right (when wearing lol). It comes in several colors and even has a tiny bow to attach next to the buttons. Also it is a little bit transparent, so you better wear something beneath or on top of it if you don't want to show flesh haha.

The scarf has been available for 50L friday at Surf Couture a week or two back, it came in two colors and I'm in hope Emma will release those in other colors as well. If you didn't get them, don't worry! Emma is nice and puts her FLF stuff out afterwards for normal prices, so you can still get the scarf.

Another FLF item are my booties by Reek. With those I am not quite sure if you can still get them, but with most of his 50L items, Riq put them out later as a normal release with several other colors. So you might see those around soon :)

undefined thingies 070

hair - gst04 - Beautysalon CriCri

jacket - toggle jacket (creme) - Tokidoki
shirt - dion shirt (badger) -
vest - infinite ache vest (night out, gatcha rare) - Kyoot
skirt - ingrid high waist mini skirt (red) - artilleri
socks - socks (mostaza) - Emery

necklace - de olde goods (girls) - undefined lilies
scarf - central park scarf (cream) - Surf Couture
belt - part of culotte skirt - NINIKO
shoes - boston boots (brown) - REEK

gesticulate! (left)
[croire] (middle, right)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

undefined lilies - opening

undefined lilies - opening

Finally I am opening my mainstore on lovely The Highlands sim!

Please stop by to take a look and subscribe to my update kiosk, you will also get that cute little purplish owl as your welcome gift! :)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 069

Winter is near.

I have no clue why, but my outfits lately are fast outfits. They just pop in my mind and there they are. Only thing that takes time then is really blogging it, haha, so I'm sorry of any delay.

You should by all means get those LeLook exclusive dresses by Whippet & Buck, because they aren't just awesome, but, uh, well yeah: because they are just awesome. Comes in four colors and each skirt has a brown or a white belt - it is really easy to fit also and I simply love the textures.

You may have heard of the blogger challenge "52 weeks of color", where every new week bloggers are supposed to blog only using a certain color. Just started week has "goldenrod" and Rezipsa Loc put out some socks just therefor. Now I don't do that challenge, but I loved the socks and had to use them!

My scarf is one of my new favorites because it looks so fluffy and comfy. I got it as a gatcha item at Albero Gatcha Festival. It is available in several light and dark colors and I hope they will still be available at tram mainstore when the festival is over. And I definitely will have to play a few more times for more of those cute scarfs.


hair - details - elikatira

jacket - denim jacket (indigo) - BP*
dress - anchored frock (alabaster/cherry, exclusive at LeLook) - Whippet & Buck
socks - dot stockings (goldenrod) - Rezipsa Loc

bow - bow1 (lace b) - Tokidoki
scarf - neck warmer (l brown, gatcha) - tram
shoes - olea boots (worn) - Surf Couture

[croire] (left, right)
duboo (middle)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 068

undefined thingies 068b

I don't know exactly how I came to that outfit, it just has been really fast!

Wanted to use that lovely coat by Tokidoki for a few days already, but somehow I couldn't find any matching things. It's really cool and as always wonderful work by talented Maya Levane. Just to tell you: normally it is way more long (like to my knees), but I shortened it (and it was easy, you can do that too).

Whippet & Buck just released their Stumblebum item for current week and it will be out longer due to late release. It's some cute high waisted shorts which you can perfectly use for home wear, but also, like I did, combine! It will be available in other colors soon :)

As I said, I put this together really fast, it just worked without thinking. I stumbled upon my shirt by LeLutka and just attached it and gawd, it matched so perfectly! Doesn't it? I love that collar with a bow, because it's so girly (though it comes without bow too). And the sleeves are just so poofy and everything, haha!

undefined thingies 068

hair - blind 2 - elikatira

jacket - is little cold (yello, modded) - Tokidoki
shirt - irma shirt (tan) - LeLutka
pants - prpic lace shorts (touch of pink, stumblebum) - Whippet & Buck
tights - wool leggings (brown) - .: Naive :.

hat - far hat ribbon (gray) - Luce.
brooch - all my seasons (fall/gold) - undefined lilies
bag - doctors bag - tram
shoes - astra wedges (grey fur) - Tee*fy

estetica (left)
Everglow (middle)
adorkable poses (right)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

undefined lilies 004

vendor - all my seasons

Newness, yay!

This brooch comes in different variations and its individual accessories match items found in that season. Also you can change at least one of the items via menu, just play around with it, all of them are available in gold and silver. Wear them pinned on your shirt, coat or scarf. Each of them costs 99L, there are gold and silver packs for 300L and a fatpack for 550L too :)

For you to live your seasons when YOU want it!

Get them at the marketplace or inworld

all my seasons - fall gold

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 067

undefined thingies 067b

Most of you will already own that new hair by lamb and I just had to get it, too. I know it's always a bit difficult with such long hair and chest/boobs, but nevertheless I can't resist buying that hair, haha.

LeLutka's coats and cardigans really got my attention. They released various during last weeks and you all know I love jackets! They make an outfit more complete for me, even if it's just a teeny tiny cardigan in spring or summer. As always, this jacket is stunning work, you def should get it.

Last but not least are those warm and cozy wool tights by Naive. The colors are perfectly fall-moody, I just had to combine them in a ladylike autumn look like this to show them to you :)

undefined thingies 067

hair - honey - !lamb.

jacket - pismaniye cardigan (plum) - LeLutka
shirt - simple bodysuit (nude) - Whippet & Buck
skirt - simple skirt (beige) - So Many Styles
tights - wool leggings (wine) - .: Naive :.

hairflower - big ribbon (gatcha secret item) - :: fore ::
necklace - de olde goods (flowers) - undefined lilies
shoes - saffron pumps (neutral black) - LeLutka

adorkable poses (all bottom)

Friday, November 5, 2010

undefined lilies 003

vendor - de olde goods

Once again I have something new for you :)

This is my first try for necklaces, available in four variations: with a different image and pendant accessory, 99L each. Like always there's a fatpack with all four of them for 300L total :)

Get them at the marketplace or inworld

de olde goods - flowers

Saturday, October 30, 2010

undefined lilies 002

pearls n birds earrings

Second blog for today already, and again it will feature my own stuff :)

I have created some tiny earrings with pearls and a bird, that are available in four different pearl colors for 59L each. One package features both gold and silver versions. Also there's a fatpack available with all of them for 200L.

Please enjoy :D

pearls n birds - blue

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 066

undefined thingies 066b
Chilling time.

It's that time again, Albero Gatcha Festival is happening! Today I'm featuring Ingenue's yumm contribution - lovely flats. I was lucky enough to even get them in the rare color I'm wearing here :D

On another note I love Whippet & Buck's jewelry fair releases. Isn't that necklace awesomesauce? I mean, it has pearls and a tiny bow! All their other yummies from jewelry fair are worth a look also, of course.

And yet again I'm showing you one of Elikatira's newest hairs. God, I love those textures and shades of carrot reds! Too many hair creators don't have more than a few red shades at all, or if they do, they mostly only feature redreds, but no gingers.

undefined thingies 066

hair - horizon - [elikatira]

jacket - denim blouson (brown) - Sabbia
shirt - summer days (blue, old stumblebum) - Gravy
pants - high waist dark jean shorties - Willow
socks - grandma's gifts (pink) - Duboo

hairband - ribbon headband (baby blue, old gatcha) - Tiny Bird
brooch - tackered owl (silver/pink) - undefined lilies
necklace - gilded virgin necklace (silver/pearl) - Whippet & Buck
belt - leather belt (black) - !styligion!
shoes - clara (winter, gatcha) - Ingenue at Albero Gatcha Festival

honey and vinegar (left)
adorkable poses (middle, right)

undefined lilies

tackered owl brooch

Today that is a different blog.

Well, and because I want to share with you, I put it in the marketplace.

It is an owl brooch in gold or silver and different gem colors with six owls total. Permissions are modify and copy and it costs 99L each. I've also made a fatpack available that is 450L for all six of them :)

Hope you enjoy my work!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 065

undefined thingies 065b
I'm missing words.

If you haven't been to the Tea Hunt yet, well, you're screwed. It's a cute hunt with only asian stores, features 20 participants and you can find all of the 22 gifts in one tea house. Now that's nice hunting!

Ooooh, yes, you have been spammed with those hairs by Elikapeka Tiramisu already, I know. Nevertheless I'm blogging one of them today, though it is looking a bit different due to me modding it to fit my beret :D Don't we all love seeing old creators coming back to give us more goodies?

Another modded item this time is the skirt I am wearing. Originally that are some shorts with two sculpted leg parts. But I thought it would look lovely as a skirt in my outfit, so I changed it a bit. It's all fantastic work by Dakota Buck, as, well, always :)

undefined thingies 065

hair - rush (modded to fit beret) - [elikatira]

jacket - knit cardigan (blue) - Sabbia
skirt - jessica knit shorts (modded into skirt) - Whippet & Buck
tights - hungry hearts stockings - xbordeaux
socks - part of bow back shoes - Tokidoki

hat - knit beret - AYLine
muffler - kimono muffler (Tea Hunt) - Atelier AM at Tea Hunt
bag - shoulder bag (cream) - Tokidoki
shoes - trad style of japan (Tea Hunt) - mocha at Tea Hunt

marukin (all, except top)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 064

undefined thingies 064b
Another day? | Another look.

Feeling like Lolita today, haha! I just had to pair that kinda formal look with something cute and playful, so I did chose some lovely boudoir items by Oh LaLa! Next to that I also bought some lingerie, but I won't show them now :P

Also my hair by booN adds cuteness. I mean, it's just CURLS! ALL OVER!! God I love it :3 Adding that gatcha bow by croire felt so perfect, haha. An have you spotted the other bow in my outfit? Yes, that one attached to my Tokidoki shoes. Gawd, I have an addiction!

My other addiction are owls. Yep. *points to her Happy Finds necklace* Isn't it awesome? It has a clock attached too, but it's not working. Someone already told me so when I was taking my pics :P

Oh and: GET THAT COAT! I love my Royal Blue coat. It has a fab shape and is very easy to fit even for me as a tiny. And I adore the shoulder parts, ha!

undefined thingies 064

hair - pun448 (tinted) - booN
hairbase - hairbase tattoo (light ginger) - Amacci

jacket - watch me now jacket (berry) - (Royal Blue)
dress - babydoll dress (navy blue) - La Maison Kaestner
garters - garter clips (cream) - Ooh LaLa!
socks - seam stockings (nude) - Ooh LaLa!

bow - fabric & fishnet bow (6, gatcha) - [croire] at Albero Gatcha Festival
earrings - fabric covered earrings (petite floral) - Whippet & Buck
necklace - vintage owl necklace - ::Happy Finds::
bag - sally floral clutch (teal, gatcha) - Modd.G at Albero Gatcha Festival
shoes - bow back shoes (green flowers) - Tokidoki

[croire] at Albero Gatcha Festival (left)
Everglow (middle)
estetica (right)

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 063

Todays blog is different, as you can see. I plurked in search for a house, bed or sofa because I wanted something new for my SL home. Some people then asked me to blog what I've done with and without their tips - so I thought, why not?

The problematic thing for myself always is my small sized land and therefor not many prims to use. My land has a size of 1520sqm and features 347 prims, of which 1 is used for my rentbox by my landlord and 6 for my photobooth in the sky. Remaining prims: 340, which I can't all use for decoration, 'cause you know, I need prims to unpack stuff, haha!

Long story short, here is my home :) I tried to do the pics in a way you can see everything, but please click on them for bigger view! Also I will put the prim count for every object I used for you to calculate by yourself :P And I don't remember for all if they have been gifts, gatcha items or whatever, so just go look if they are available or not.

undefined thingies 063

tree - ordinarytree (shiny, 16prims) - *alirium*
grass - real grass field (green meadow, 1prim) - kidd creation
giraffe - rocking giraffe (9prims) - D-LAB
house - originally autumn's grape (modded smaller, changed prims and textures, 56prims) - buttons.
bucket - bucket of strawberries (7prims) - La-Licious
mailbox - mailbox (lightblue, 7prims) - POOKEA

undefined thingies 063b

frame - autumn frame (6prims) - Kyoot Home
cabinet - tea table shelf (maple, 4prims) - Turnip's home and stuff
stuff on cabinet - sewing machine, spool stand, wood bobbins (17prims) - MMGraffiti
lamp - egg shade lamp (4prims) - mocha
rug - goldie (2prims) - nordari
plant - shabby flower pot (white, 3prims) - Kyoot Home

undefined thingies 063c

frames - painted frames (8prims) - Kyoot Home
tv - tahoe tv (13prims) - artilleri
chair - irvine chair (red, 6prims) - artilleri

undefined thingies 063d

shelf - record shelf (14prims) - ponitee
plant - potted yucca (4prims) - blonde*
cushion - kenran zabulon (a, 1prim) - Tsuchinoko Honpo
rug - peachy (2prims) - nordari
clock - restoration clock (4prims) - LISP bazaar
sofa - boho 3 seater (13prims) - LISP bazaar
lamp - flowergarden (5prims) - nordari
antlers - mounted antlers (4prims) - blah to wah

undefined thingies 063e

frames - painted frames (4prims) - Kyoot Home
desk - workdesk & chair (coffee, 1prim) - MMGraffiti
books on desk - stack of books (8prims) - [croire]
plant on desk - springy tulips (9prims) - *Tatty Soup*
pouf - alex pouf (2prims) - The Loft
rug - brownish (2prims) - nordari
bookshelf - book shelf (chocolate, 1prim) - MMGraffiti
books (top) - sculpted books sample (1prim) - Jorie Muircastle
plant - launch gift plant #1 (2prims) - Kis Kis
books (bottom) - fireplace books (4prims) - Arcade

undefined thingies 063f

shelf at window - harts living coffee table (modded, 3prims) - POOKEA
cushions on shelf - kenran zabulon (a, d, 2prims) - Tsuchinoko Honpo
cushion on floor - tweet floor pillow (2prims) - { what next }
floorlamp - redberry (5prims) - nordari
lamp - recycling lamp (dotty, 7prims) - nordari
rug - rugs from the attic (1prim) - [croire]
walltattoo (right) - tweet tweet wall decaf (1prim) - { what next }

undefined thingies 063g

baskets - kago (brown, natural, 4prims) - Y's house
mirror - autumn mirror (8prims) - [croire]
owl pic - little owly (2prims) - Little Boxes
small pics - the kitsch collection (5prims) - Arcadia Asylum

undefined thingies 063h

bedside table - small bedside table open (3prims) - True Love Never Dies
flowers - bottle of fall poppies (3prims) - Turnip's home and stuff
bed - snuggle bed (9prims) - Grindstone
wall tattoo - circling birds (1prim) - { what next }
pics - various (5prims) - Faboarts at Deviantart
table - coquette (cream, 4prims) - True Love Never Dies
deco on table - various (6prims) - Dutchie
seat - stool doble claire (3prims) - True Love Never Dies
easel - caballete (1prim) - True Love Never Dies

Prims left to use: 23. Goal reached.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 062

undefined thingies 062b
Pure romance | is catching me.

My favorite piece today are the new booties by GOS. I just had to get them in fatpack, what is a pack of three shoes right now. Sculpt and texture work are just awesome on them, and I want such shoes a whole while already, not only in SL. So there was no doubt I'd get them and you shoudl too :D

Another really fabolous work (as always) is this coat by Emma Gilmour from Surf Couture. Can you believe I got it for only 50L? Yes, you read right, it was an item for 50L friday yesterday - if you didn't get it, sneak in and see if it is still out. Otherwise I hope for more colors in a coming soon release anyway (hope you read that, Emma :P).

And last thing I have some words for is the jewelry I am wearing. It is by Lassitude & Ennui and got my attention already when I saw just a pic of it. It is out now at Jewelry Fair and you should definitely take a look at it and the other sets you can buy there. This one comes with a HUD to change the color of the pearls and the ornament and besides this necklace it also has the short and long one as stand-alone versions included.

undefined thingies 062

hair - elsa - Kin

jacket - corriedale coat (50L friday) - Surf Couture
shirt - dotty bib top (pitch, old The Dressing Room item) - Ohmai
skirt - frill skirt dress (black) - Tokidoki
socks - ruffle socks (mustard, knee high) - *G Field*

hat - dango's beret (white & black) - Tee*fy
jewelry - bleeding heart (Jewelry Fair) - lassitude & ennui
bag - hobo purse (brown) - A-BOMB
shoes - posh bootie (obsidian) - GOS

Everglow (top)
don't freak out (left)
marukin (middle)
!bang (right)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 061

undefined thingies 061b

New stuff again, yay! Tokidoki released cuteness once again, this time it is a shrug in different colors. The texture is lovely and I adore the idea itself, cause that is something in my SL wardrobe that I didn't have yet :)

You might already have seen this a ton in the feeds, but still I had to get new 69 hair and blog it. What I really like are the textures and the styles itself, with their cuteness and everything, they always look so real!

Not new but still great: my bag by LeLutka. I have already blogged some LeLutka bags and I think some more will have to follow, because, well - just look at them! It's freaking awesome sculpt work and texturing done here.

undefined thingies 061

hair - smin b - [ 69 ]

shirt - chiffon cutsew (white*blue) - NINIKO
skirt - jules jeans skirt (light) - Maitreya
socks - ankle socks (white) - Naive

hat - gabriel hat (part of gabriel hair) - !Ohmai
jewelry - onigiri set - Onigiri
flower - kerria (tea rose, part of outfit) - Ingenue
shrug - shu cold (creme) - Tokidoki
bag - mitu (tan) - LeLutka
bandaid - skinned knees (retired) - { Cheeky Girl }
shoes - carnation flats (ltpk, groupgift) - tram

Posies (left)
Everglow (middle, right)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 060

undefined thingies 060b
Ready to travel? | Sure I am!

Once again there's some newness around. Like this awesome coat by FIR & MNA which you had the chance to get in charcoal at 50L friday yesterday. Cutest thing is its checked pattern inside and on the back side of the collars :)

I hope you all have been to Designers United 4 cause this lovely shorty by Milk Motion will never be sold anywhere else again, that's why I just HAD to get them. I mean, like really, who can resist jeans shorts with flower pattern? WHO?

And again or better: still I am wearing new Ibanez eyes which have been released yesterday on October 1st. Did you get them? Btw I am wearing the prim version cause in that one you can stretch the texture to have bigger or smaller eyes! :)

undefined thingies 060

hair - new haven - Surf Couture

jacket - dorset coat (plum) - FIR & MNA
shirt - poppy sheer chiffon blouse (white, tinted) - Pink Outfitters
pants - my high waist jean shorts (DU4) - (Milk Motion)
tights - solid tights (navy) - (Elate!)
socks - baggy socks (rose, old gift) - Mischief

scarf - auldearn scarf (copper, Seasons Hunt) - {theosophy}
bag - boel (oceans) - LeLutka
shoes - miss dandy (bronze) - lassitude & ennui

Everglow (top)
.:StoRin:. (left)
estetica (middle)
!bang (right)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

undefined thingies 059b

Hello guys :) You may have recognized I never really credit my eyes, nor change them. But today I did both - why? Because I fell in love with new eyes by Annie Ibanez coming soon. Really, I did. They come as system eyes and as prim versions too, so you can just wear the normal ones, the prim ones with the normal layer or the prim ones with a transparent tattoo layer that is included. Don't they look just fabulous?

Another newness is Riq Graves cardigan, which you could get in two colors already at 50L friday. You all know I am teeny tiny and therefor I am always a bit afraid if I will be able to fit clothes properly. With that cardigan it really wasn't any problem at all. Its shape is awesome chosen so you all should be able to wear it - yes, it's unisex! :)

Last but not least new release is "drew mini skirt" by Whippet & Buck. It has been available at 50L friday already too, and it's in the Seasons Hunt in a lovely purple color, but now it is officially released. What you can't see here is that it comes with a cute pocket at the front, what makes it even more yummy!

undefined thingies 059

hair - a little nutty (Seasons Hunt) - Ohmai
skin - elly (pure, not yet released) - [PINK FUEL]
eyes - smoothglow eyes (available soon) - Ibanez

jacket - papercut cardigan (yellow) - Reek
sweater - wool sweater (ecru) - La Maison Kaestner
skirt - drew mini skirt (caramel) - Whippet & Buck
socks - sock flats (chocolate, part of shoes) - Tokidoki

scarf - neck wrap (pink) - Gypsys!
bag - study bag - *Action
shoes - otaku flat shoes (beige) - DUBOO*

marukin (left)
Slash Me Poses (middle)
.:StoRin:. (right)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

undefined thingies 058b
Leaves everywhere, come join us!

Yay for hunts with cute items! The Seasons Hunt is one of them and you should totally do it :)

My hair by JE*Republic is totally cuteness! It comes with a color and texturchange cap and it makes my face just look so awesome. I really love it and it is perfect for fall outfits.

Have you heard that Kis Kis has a new mainstore? After being gone for a while Bastet Hazelnut is now back (formerly known as NUT). The socks I'm wearing are newness, but she has so much more, please go visit her :)

undefined thingies 058

hair - ruri - JE*REPUBLIC
makeup - blush (persimmon 3) - Cheap Makeup

jacket - soft core days jacket (coal) - (Royal Blue)
cardigan - hallie cardigan (grey) - FIR & MNA
skirt - high waisted tube skirt (Seasons Hunt) - PIDIDDLE
socks - buttoned knee high socks (light, tinted a tad bit) - Kis Kis

leaf - autumn leaf (Seasons Hunt) - Scribble
ribbon - ribbon (rose) - Tokidoki
hand chain - dream of tears v2 (pink) - [Acide!]
shoes - nyox hobbit boots (50L friday) - *Kookie*

Everglow (left)
don't freak out (middle, top pic)
!bang (right)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

undefined thingies 057b
Am I kittenish? | Yes, I am.

Normally I always try to blog outfits I'd wear in rl, today I don't. Why? I have no clue actually!

I hope you all got this fabolous blouse from Whippet & Buck at last 50L friday, cause if you didn't: it is gone now :P But I'm sure Kota & Twiggy will release it in other colors soon (well, girls, I hope you do!).

Also in this post Im featuring new pose set from awesome Di Hoorenbeek called "silent line 2". Whole set is kind of playful and therefor matched my outfit perfectly. And all of them are done pretty, pretty well :D

undefined thingies 057

hair - fresh - [elikatira]
makeup - blush (persimmon 3) - Cheap Makeup

shirt - liliana cap sleeve blouse (50L friday) - Whippet & Buck
skirt - pivoine (mandarine) - Ingenue

brooch - covered with leaves brooch (Seasons Hunt) - [glow]
corset - constricted (romantic) - LeLutka
shoes - saffron pumps (neutral green) - LeLutka

Di's Opera (all poses used)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

undefined thingies 056b
You better think about that again, boy.

Wooo, I so feel like blogging today I thought you won't mind me doing a new post :D

I am wearing a cool new makeup from Cheap Makeup today, which is available in different colors as a gatcha item. There are some more makeups and different lashes in the store, all of them for SL viewer 2.0 cause they come as layers :)

The top part of my dress is from ORTA. I love things like that because they are perfect not only with the outfit they come, but also for other parts inside of my inventory, like ...

Yeah, like this fab system skirt from Whippet & Buck. Normally I am not that big fan of system skirts, but this one is really well done. Of course I edited my shape to make it fit perfectly, but doesn't that look gorgeous?

And also I have used some fab new poses from Di's Opera and Bang, without you posers I'd look like a fool :D

undefined thingies 056

hair - french connection - Clawtooth
makeup - warhol's muse eyeshadow (10) - Cheap Makeup

top (prim) - serena mini (ice) - [ORTA]
skirt - high waisted pencil skirt (black) - Whippet & Buck

necklace - vanity (DU4 item) - epoque
bag - luna clutch (silver) - .:StoRin:.
shoes - freynii (noir) - Ingenue

Di's Opera (left)
[LAP] (middle)
!bang (right)