Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 064

undefined thingies 064b
Another day? | Another look.

Feeling like Lolita today, haha! I just had to pair that kinda formal look with something cute and playful, so I did chose some lovely boudoir items by Oh LaLa! Next to that I also bought some lingerie, but I won't show them now :P

Also my hair by booN adds cuteness. I mean, it's just CURLS! ALL OVER!! God I love it :3 Adding that gatcha bow by croire felt so perfect, haha. An have you spotted the other bow in my outfit? Yes, that one attached to my Tokidoki shoes. Gawd, I have an addiction!

My other addiction are owls. Yep. *points to her Happy Finds necklace* Isn't it awesome? It has a clock attached too, but it's not working. Someone already told me so when I was taking my pics :P

Oh and: GET THAT COAT! I love my Royal Blue coat. It has a fab shape and is very easy to fit even for me as a tiny. And I adore the shoulder parts, ha!

undefined thingies 064

hair - pun448 (tinted) - booN
hairbase - hairbase tattoo (light ginger) - Amacci

jacket - watch me now jacket (berry) - (Royal Blue)
dress - babydoll dress (navy blue) - La Maison Kaestner
garters - garter clips (cream) - Ooh LaLa!
socks - seam stockings (nude) - Ooh LaLa!

bow - fabric & fishnet bow (6, gatcha) - [croire] at Albero Gatcha Festival
earrings - fabric covered earrings (petite floral) - Whippet & Buck
necklace - vintage owl necklace - ::Happy Finds::
bag - sally floral clutch (teal, gatcha) - Modd.G at Albero Gatcha Festival
shoes - bow back shoes (green flowers) - Tokidoki

[croire] at Albero Gatcha Festival (left)
Everglow (middle)
estetica (right)


  1. SO happy to see you back behind the wheel! <3

  2. Aww <33 I hope it stays like that, but I'm sure rl will cut off some of my motivation again D:

  3. Loooooooooove it!!! So cute and sexy!!!! yummy!!! <33333

  4. I forgot to reply, BLAH!