Friday, October 29, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 066

undefined thingies 066b
Chilling time.

It's that time again, Albero Gatcha Festival is happening! Today I'm featuring Ingenue's yumm contribution - lovely flats. I was lucky enough to even get them in the rare color I'm wearing here :D

On another note I love Whippet & Buck's jewelry fair releases. Isn't that necklace awesomesauce? I mean, it has pearls and a tiny bow! All their other yummies from jewelry fair are worth a look also, of course.

And yet again I'm showing you one of Elikatira's newest hairs. God, I love those textures and shades of carrot reds! Too many hair creators don't have more than a few red shades at all, or if they do, they mostly only feature redreds, but no gingers.

undefined thingies 066

hair - horizon - [elikatira]

jacket - denim blouson (brown) - Sabbia
shirt - summer days (blue, old stumblebum) - Gravy
pants - high waist dark jean shorties - Willow
socks - grandma's gifts (pink) - Duboo

hairband - ribbon headband (baby blue, old gatcha) - Tiny Bird
brooch - tackered owl (silver/pink) - undefined lilies
necklace - gilded virgin necklace (silver/pearl) - Whippet & Buck
belt - leather belt (black) - !styligion!
shoes - clara (winter, gatcha) - Ingenue at Albero Gatcha Festival

honey and vinegar (left)
adorkable poses (middle, right)


  1. Thank you Lilie! You are so pretty as always <3

  2. You don't have to thank me for anything, I told you I love the poses <333