Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 063

Todays blog is different, as you can see. I plurked in search for a house, bed or sofa because I wanted something new for my SL home. Some people then asked me to blog what I've done with and without their tips - so I thought, why not?

The problematic thing for myself always is my small sized land and therefor not many prims to use. My land has a size of 1520sqm and features 347 prims, of which 1 is used for my rentbox by my landlord and 6 for my photobooth in the sky. Remaining prims: 340, which I can't all use for decoration, 'cause you know, I need prims to unpack stuff, haha!

Long story short, here is my home :) I tried to do the pics in a way you can see everything, but please click on them for bigger view! Also I will put the prim count for every object I used for you to calculate by yourself :P And I don't remember for all if they have been gifts, gatcha items or whatever, so just go look if they are available or not.

undefined thingies 063

tree - ordinarytree (shiny, 16prims) - *alirium*
grass - real grass field (green meadow, 1prim) - kidd creation
giraffe - rocking giraffe (9prims) - D-LAB
house - originally autumn's grape (modded smaller, changed prims and textures, 56prims) - buttons.
bucket - bucket of strawberries (7prims) - La-Licious
mailbox - mailbox (lightblue, 7prims) - POOKEA

undefined thingies 063b

frame - autumn frame (6prims) - Kyoot Home
cabinet - tea table shelf (maple, 4prims) - Turnip's home and stuff
stuff on cabinet - sewing machine, spool stand, wood bobbins (17prims) - MMGraffiti
lamp - egg shade lamp (4prims) - mocha
rug - goldie (2prims) - nordari
plant - shabby flower pot (white, 3prims) - Kyoot Home

undefined thingies 063c

frames - painted frames (8prims) - Kyoot Home
tv - tahoe tv (13prims) - artilleri
chair - irvine chair (red, 6prims) - artilleri

undefined thingies 063d

shelf - record shelf (14prims) - ponitee
plant - potted yucca (4prims) - blonde*
cushion - kenran zabulon (a, 1prim) - Tsuchinoko Honpo
rug - peachy (2prims) - nordari
clock - restoration clock (4prims) - LISP bazaar
sofa - boho 3 seater (13prims) - LISP bazaar
lamp - flowergarden (5prims) - nordari
antlers - mounted antlers (4prims) - blah to wah

undefined thingies 063e

frames - painted frames (4prims) - Kyoot Home
desk - workdesk & chair (coffee, 1prim) - MMGraffiti
books on desk - stack of books (8prims) - [croire]
plant on desk - springy tulips (9prims) - *Tatty Soup*
pouf - alex pouf (2prims) - The Loft
rug - brownish (2prims) - nordari
bookshelf - book shelf (chocolate, 1prim) - MMGraffiti
books (top) - sculpted books sample (1prim) - Jorie Muircastle
plant - launch gift plant #1 (2prims) - Kis Kis
books (bottom) - fireplace books (4prims) - Arcade

undefined thingies 063f

shelf at window - harts living coffee table (modded, 3prims) - POOKEA
cushions on shelf - kenran zabulon (a, d, 2prims) - Tsuchinoko Honpo
cushion on floor - tweet floor pillow (2prims) - { what next }
floorlamp - redberry (5prims) - nordari
lamp - recycling lamp (dotty, 7prims) - nordari
rug - rugs from the attic (1prim) - [croire]
walltattoo (right) - tweet tweet wall decaf (1prim) - { what next }

undefined thingies 063g

baskets - kago (brown, natural, 4prims) - Y's house
mirror - autumn mirror (8prims) - [croire]
owl pic - little owly (2prims) - Little Boxes
small pics - the kitsch collection (5prims) - Arcadia Asylum

undefined thingies 063h

bedside table - small bedside table open (3prims) - True Love Never Dies
flowers - bottle of fall poppies (3prims) - Turnip's home and stuff
bed - snuggle bed (9prims) - Grindstone
wall tattoo - circling birds (1prim) - { what next }
pics - various (5prims) - Faboarts at Deviantart
table - coquette (cream, 4prims) - True Love Never Dies
deco on table - various (6prims) - Dutchie
seat - stool doble claire (3prims) - True Love Never Dies
easel - caballete (1prim) - True Love Never Dies

Prims left to use: 23. Goal reached.


  1. Your house is just as adorable as your av! Love your style.

    Tem x

  2. Omg it looks so cute!!!! I love what you did with it!

  3. Wow it looks great!
    I'm loving your new home!

  4. aww omg I'm SO blushing right now! I mean, I knew *I* liked it, but that you all like it too, I'm stunned!! YAY!

  5. omigosh lady! Best furniture post *ever*! I love that you added the prim counts. I'm like bookmarking this so I can go buy some low prim furniture this weekend! ❤

  6. I'm so happy you people like what I did, wooo!!

  7. Yeah, I agree, the fact you added the prim counts is really awesome.