Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 065

undefined thingies 065b
I'm missing words.

If you haven't been to the Tea Hunt yet, well, you're screwed. It's a cute hunt with only asian stores, features 20 participants and you can find all of the 22 gifts in one tea house. Now that's nice hunting!

Ooooh, yes, you have been spammed with those hairs by Elikapeka Tiramisu already, I know. Nevertheless I'm blogging one of them today, though it is looking a bit different due to me modding it to fit my beret :D Don't we all love seeing old creators coming back to give us more goodies?

Another modded item this time is the skirt I am wearing. Originally that are some shorts with two sculpted leg parts. But I thought it would look lovely as a skirt in my outfit, so I changed it a bit. It's all fantastic work by Dakota Buck, as, well, always :)

undefined thingies 065

hair - rush (modded to fit beret) - [elikatira]

jacket - knit cardigan (blue) - Sabbia
skirt - jessica knit shorts (modded into skirt) - Whippet & Buck
tights - hungry hearts stockings - xbordeaux
socks - part of bow back shoes - Tokidoki

hat - knit beret - AYLine
muffler - kimono muffler (Tea Hunt) - Atelier AM at Tea Hunt
bag - shoulder bag (cream) - Tokidoki
shoes - trad style of japan (Tea Hunt) - mocha at Tea Hunt

marukin (all, except top)


  1. Now! tell me the sim where you took the first picture!!! or i will tickle until you cry!!!! :D *evil smile*

  2. HA! I'm sorry I can't, took that on my neighbors land ;((

    But I can invite you and we could go for a walk ... teheheheh

  3. haha YAY!!!!!!! *is going to Lilie's house* YUMMY!!!!!

  4. Wow you're so lucky I won't even tell you what my neighbors land has on it... Adorable styling as usual! Love it :)

  5. Hahaha, my neighbors suddenly change frequently, but the ones I have now have adorable houses and taste of style, so yes I'm happy :D

  6. I'm in love with you. This look is so cute! And yeah, the neighbors land looks great. ;)

  7. When I was online for some minutes this afternoon my neighbor lady took away all stuff, I hope the remodeling of her land will stay that nice, uhoh D: