Friday, June 18, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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grocery shopping | store

Today's look is a bit boring, I think, but I'm showing you anyway cause I like it, bah! :P

Started with Pig's new 'lazy sweater' which I wanted to wear by all means. I love when Apatia Hammerer creates semi transparent shirts, cause they are actually awesome to combine and to wear on top of other stuff, as I did.

Urbanity's super cute 'simple flats' are adorable in many ways: they have a buckle and a strap, they fit perfectly, they are colorchange in any possible way. YES! You can change colors of every single part using a HUD.

Last but not least is the 'omiya jam bag' by Kloka, which brought that grocery shopping idea for a blog to my mind. Isn't it cool? Cause after all we all want to look fantastic shopping for groceries, don't we?

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Lilie <3

hair - victoria.2 -
skin - ember (royal) - [PINK FUEL]

shirt (open) - lazy sweater (waterslide) - Pig
shirt - vneck sweater (cream) -
skirt - corduroy mini (nutty) - Kyoot
socks - loose socks plain dirty (beige) - +mocha+

hair band - bow knot headband (blue/red, dollarbie) - FreshTrash at Free*Style
necklace - heavy sleep necklace - PIDIDDLE
belt - mi vida belt (tan) - LeLutka
bag - omiya jam bag - *.:[Kloka]:.*
shoes - simple flat - *Urbanity*

marukin (left)
(with love & squalor) (middle)
pda (right, retired)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie


Today it's gonna be a different kind of blog as I stated in my last one.
This one will show you Pink Fuel 'Ember' skins, which will be released tomorrow, 15th of june.

The skin comes in five soft skintones: milk, honey, chai, maple and cocoa and for now 12 makeup options (there will be more makeups released soon) and one skin will cost 700L - girls, that is a cheapie for that awesome quality! I'm showing you all of tomorrows release in milk tone. And let me tell you I have done no post-processing to the pics except the first one, cause that's my starting artsy-partsy pic as always, haha! But on the rest only cutting and drawing lines, no light or color adjustments :)

left to right, top to bottom

beestung (without and with blush) | candy | cherry | fate
gossip | honeyb | leafy | mod
new blood | pure | royal | scene

As you may have noticed, I have freckles. Yes, every makeup comes with and without freckles and three brow options: dark, light and wooot red!


Now for bodyshots! First one total for you to see the whole thing, but be warned: I'm not showing my itsy bits! hahaha
And then let me add: there is a cleavage enhancer available in jacket, shirt and undershirt layer for you to chose if you want to have megaboobies or not, ha!


I really love this skin. I did when Mochi Milena sent very first beta to me - and it was a lot different than what you get now - and I love it even more now that it is finished. I think Mochi did an awesome job on that one, trying to include what different people ask for in a skin.
Go try on some demos, it will be love at first sight for most of you, as it has been for me!


Lilie <3

hair - i'm a romantic + ambrosia - !lamb.

undies - harlow rhinestone (victorian splendor) - Armidi


Friday, June 11, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Summerrrr | beach

Yeap, I'm using that cardigan again, and I'm a bit sorry about it. But just a bit, cause I really like it. And see? I even modded it to look different, ha!

And yeap, it's a skirt-shirt-cardi-combi once again. Well peeps, it's summer. I won't show different outfits anymore until it is october :P
But isn't that new skirt from Surf Couture awesometastic? I really like it a lot, and I'm showing only one out of total eleven fab colors.

It's too hot outside and I'm a bit lazy today, hahaha, so let me only add one thing. Pink Fuel's Ember skins will really, really soon be released! Yes, believe me! AND I'm doing an adorable preview blog about it at weekend! So stay tuned for more info and piccies about it all <3

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Lilie <3

hair - i'm a romantic - !lamb.
skin - ember (beestung blush, soon to be released!) - [PINK FUEL]

jacket - long opened cardigan (yellow, modded) - La Maison Kaestner
shirt - buttoned (plum) - *Urbanity*
skirt - summer of stripes skirt (deep sea) - Surf Couture

hat - straw floppy hat (old hunt gift) - *G Field*
necklace - cutie (flower pink mint) - *SiSSi*
shoes - womens ballet flats (shiny magenta) - *Action

marukin (left)
honey and vinegar (middle, right)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Beach day | beach

SUMMER! Finally even in Germany summerlike weather has arrived, haha!

I love these new shorts by 5th & Oxford, they are so cute and come in some great colors with high waist band, you can even mix and match these with the new skirts available in same colors, as I did :) And before I forget, I have to thank lovely Thema Felix for letting me fall in love with the shorts, ha!

When Atelier AM released those pearl necklaces I just had to get them. You can wear them with so many different outfits, god I just love pearls :D

Have you seen Annah Whitfield's new pose prop set yet? No? It's called 'around the world' and comes with a colorchange suitcase. But you can easy use the single poses with all kinds of bags, as I did on the far left in my style pic. My beach pic uses her 'umbrella' pose set, which is actually mutli useable too, you just need to be creative!

And finally if you haven't got any of Surf Couture's latest releases, you really should. My shoes and belt perfectly color match and there are so adorable different ones available. And ooooh, I just can't stand bows, that's it!

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Lilie <3

hair - kiss kiss - Clawtooth
skin - ember (pure, not released yet) - [PINK FUEL]

jacket - cardigan (lace) - *COCO*
shirt - christina midriff blouse - Last Call (retired)
shorts (high waist) - seaside sweetie skirt (blue) - 5th & Oxford
shorts (bottom) - seaside sweetie shorts (blue) - 5th & Oxford

glasses - oversized pop shades (white) - Beetlebones
necklace - lariate and pearl necklace (white) - Atelier AM
belt - clothbound bow belt (spring mix) - Surf Couture
bag - straw bag (white) - IZUMIYA
shoes - spring fling wedges (limoncello) - Surf Couture

.:StoRin:. (left, middle and big pic)
don't freak out (right)