Monday, June 14, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie


Today it's gonna be a different kind of blog as I stated in my last one.
This one will show you Pink Fuel 'Ember' skins, which will be released tomorrow, 15th of june.

The skin comes in five soft skintones: milk, honey, chai, maple and cocoa and for now 12 makeup options (there will be more makeups released soon) and one skin will cost 700L - girls, that is a cheapie for that awesome quality! I'm showing you all of tomorrows release in milk tone. And let me tell you I have done no post-processing to the pics except the first one, cause that's my starting artsy-partsy pic as always, haha! But on the rest only cutting and drawing lines, no light or color adjustments :)

left to right, top to bottom

beestung (without and with blush) | candy | cherry | fate
gossip | honeyb | leafy | mod
new blood | pure | royal | scene

As you may have noticed, I have freckles. Yes, every makeup comes with and without freckles and three brow options: dark, light and wooot red!


Now for bodyshots! First one total for you to see the whole thing, but be warned: I'm not showing my itsy bits! hahaha
And then let me add: there is a cleavage enhancer available in jacket, shirt and undershirt layer for you to chose if you want to have megaboobies or not, ha!


I really love this skin. I did when Mochi Milena sent very first beta to me - and it was a lot different than what you get now - and I love it even more now that it is finished. I think Mochi did an awesome job on that one, trying to include what different people ask for in a skin.
Go try on some demos, it will be love at first sight for most of you, as it has been for me!


Lilie <3

hair - i'm a romantic + ambrosia - !lamb.

undies - harlow rhinestone (victorian splendor) - Armidi



  1. I like the softness of the skin, very adorable.

  2. oh my, this skin is very cute on you! I'm very jealous of your shape xD I love itt <3333

  3. oh I almost forgot ^_^ Where did you get your shape from? <333 love your blog :)

  4. Thank you :)

    My shape is my own work, Maretch, and I'm glad you like it :)