Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 080

undefined thingies 080b
Free like a bird.

It has been a while!

But I have to blog some important things before you miss the chance to get them.
First of all and you probably heard it already: Tiny Bird is closing. Therefor there is a sale until April 30 and you just need to get that pretty dress I am wearing. And most of the other goodies as well.

Second is the Seasons Hunt Spring which ends April 30 as well. I am only wearing one of the gifts available at all those lovely stores, and I love that necklace. But you should really check all of them out and grab your hunt gifts quick before it's over.

Third: OMG I love those shoes by SLink! I am honest, I had some problems first to fit them well since I am quite small and when I had the feeling the feet size matches my body size, they didn't fit at my ankles. But I got it working and getting the right skin color was really easy. And now I am deeply in love and am wearing them for weeks.

undefined thingies 080

hair - shinobu (hat) - kik

shrug - lore knit shrug (yellow) - mon tissu
dress - old friend dress (nude) - Tiny Bird

necklace - my own tree (Seasons Hunt) - Concrete Flowers
bracelet - spring has fever (silver/mint) - undefined lilies
shoes - ariadne II (chocolate) - SLink

Everglow (left)
adorkable poses (middle, right)

Monday, April 11, 2011

undefined lilies 011

moody mondays - spring has fever

Newness, yay!

I've made some bracelets that come in gold and silver and have a colorchange bow on their back side. They're out only today April 11th for 55L for Moody Mondays, afterwards they will be set to normal price.

Fatpack will be available when Moody Mondays is over :)

undefined lilies mainstore

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 079

GLANCE Front Row 2011 - Official Flyer
GlANCE Front Row 2011

undefined thingies 079b
Hiding from you and yourself.

I won't say a lot today, because I said everything neccessary about GLANCE Front Row and POSE FAIR in my last blog already.

Just: I had fun doing this outfit today and I love the way it turned out! Thankfully I had matching poses, thanks you lovely creators for your work :D

undefined thingies 079

hair - breathe - [elikatira]

dress - lucidity (cream, Front Row Exclusive) - JANE
skirt - obsessive (auld blue chocolate, Front Row Exclusive) - Vanitas Vesture

hat - borghild (wood) - LeLutka
necklace & earrings - macaria (rosa, Front Row Exclusive) - Lolapop
belt - obsessive (auld blue chocolate, Front Row Exclusive) - Vanitas Vesture
shoes - alexa (bronze, Front Row Exclusive) - Felicity

hush/hush - doremi (big pic)
model abc 2 - body talking (left)
a shy suggestion & bunny - doremi (middle, right)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 078

GLANCE Front Row 2011 - Official Flyer
GlANCE Front Row 2011

undefined thingies 078b

Two events are starting as of today! And I'm blogging both, trying to put parts of them together so you can see the big variety available :)

First of all is GLANCE Front Row Event that has 100% proceeds going to Relay for Life. Creators did a wondeful job and made exclusive items only available for that event. Please read more about Relay for Life here :)

The other one starting today as well is POSE FAIR 2011! I am featuring three creators with new releases at pose fair today. It's really big again and I'd say with more creators than last year, but I am not sure honestly, lol. Please go take a look at all the goodies!

undefined thingies 078

hair - comfort - [elikatira]

shirt - zoe (banana) - Ingenue
bustier - front row bustier (Front Row Exclusive) - Nemesis
skirt - anna (skirt and belt, Front Row Exclusive) - JANE

necklace - pearlset (Front Row Exclusive) - MINA Bijoux
shoes - flower pumps eve (red) - G Field

fresh 2 mirror - estetica (big pic, Pose Fair)
dapper 9 - adorkable poses (left, Pose Fair)
twggy 4b & 9b - body talking (middle, right, Pose Fair)