Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

undefined thingies 059b

Hello guys :) You may have recognized I never really credit my eyes, nor change them. But today I did both - why? Because I fell in love with new eyes by Annie Ibanez coming soon. Really, I did. They come as system eyes and as prim versions too, so you can just wear the normal ones, the prim ones with the normal layer or the prim ones with a transparent tattoo layer that is included. Don't they look just fabulous?

Another newness is Riq Graves cardigan, which you could get in two colors already at 50L friday. You all know I am teeny tiny and therefor I am always a bit afraid if I will be able to fit clothes properly. With that cardigan it really wasn't any problem at all. Its shape is awesome chosen so you all should be able to wear it - yes, it's unisex! :)

Last but not least new release is "drew mini skirt" by Whippet & Buck. It has been available at 50L friday already too, and it's in the Seasons Hunt in a lovely purple color, but now it is officially released. What you can't see here is that it comes with a cute pocket at the front, what makes it even more yummy!

undefined thingies 059

hair - a little nutty (Seasons Hunt) - Ohmai
skin - elly (pure, not yet released) - [PINK FUEL]
eyes - smoothglow eyes (available soon) - Ibanez

jacket - papercut cardigan (yellow) - Reek
sweater - wool sweater (ecru) - La Maison Kaestner
skirt - drew mini skirt (caramel) - Whippet & Buck
socks - sock flats (chocolate, part of shoes) - Tokidoki

scarf - neck wrap (pink) - Gypsys!
bag - study bag - *Action
shoes - otaku flat shoes (beige) - DUBOO*

marukin (left)
Slash Me Poses (middle)
.:StoRin:. (right)


  1. Hi, I just want to point out that you might be doing pink fuel harm by using a skin that is not released for so long in your blogg posts. I went looking for it at once when I saw it, tried the other skins but did not want to buy some of the older once until I had tried elly. Finally I got tired of waiting and bought a skin by Mynerva instead. Second life is a fast medium, we don’t like waiting...

  2. I think of everyone who's modeled these eyes, you have pulled the look off the best! I absolutely envisioned these eyes on a face like yours. Love love love the photo!

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    you are free of opinions of course and you are free to buy whatever you want, nobody needs to wait if s/he doesn't want to :)
    But I would've liked to see a name in your comment - I mean, you aren't saying any bad, are you?
    But you know, the thing is: people have real lifes, releases sometimes need to be pulled back due to other stuff happening. I am a beta tester for Mochi and I try to help her with input and feedback. There have been several times you could've tried out Elly in different looks, because Mochi released two versions during special events.
    And then again this is MY blog :) I am blogging here what I like, what suits my style. I am even blogging retired items, are you tired of seeing this too?

    I am not getting paid or anything for blogging. I put a lot of my own money into this hobby. So please let me do what I want with it :)

  4. I'm happy you like it, Annie! I am really in love with them <33