Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hair you want to nom 08

Sadly, this will be my last blog about hair fair 2010. But I hope I could give you some variety of what you can buy and that I didn't bore you to death. And of course hair fair is still going on until September 19th, so you have plenty of time checking all those hairs out, and some more if you want ;)

Berries Inc - sam (pink grapefruit) | Clawtooth - you're a star (sunny days red)

I did not have any Berries Inc hair until now, but I really like this one. Not only because it has a lovely style itself, but mainly cause of the hat! It is colorchange of course, but I would have wanted some more choices honestly, it only features four colors. Anyway the top and bottom of it can be changed individually, as well as the band and bow.

Ya, well, the name of that style totally matches its look, doesn't it? I feel like a starlet with those soft wavy strands.

Tiny Bird - jailbird (medium warm brown) | Mustache - courtney (redorange4)

As you can see in this example sometimes you have to leave your normal color family to find your perfect color. For me I have to switch to browns or pinks when the red packs don't feature what I want. Nevertheless this style is just awesome, I really like the big back part and the colorchange hairband.

Mustache's hair is basically just cute. I mean, omg, it has a damn big bow!! Who doesn't like big bows?

Berries Inc at hair fair
Clawtooth at hair fair
Mustache hair fashion at hair fair
Tiny Bird at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

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