Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hair you want to nom 06

Rezipsa Loc - mary (7am) | - fiona (passionate red)

My 2nd lovage from Rezipsa Loc and again it has this cool fringe. I don't know why, but somehow those fringes fit me really well :D It is very simple, but still adorable work.'s style today is playful. It's not just a sidetail, it is curly! I never know what to tell you about brands like cause we all love their hair anyway, haha!

Surf Couture - del mar (cinnamon) | Ohmai - uriel (yummy carrot)

And the last one of Emma Gilmour's hair fair releases, for me it's "the cool one". The fringe is really low and that's why hides your eyes for a good part. And it has this lovely little ponytail. I think it would be perfect for hair accessories!

Ohmai-time again! :D It features a hairband with buttons in various sizes on it. All of it is color- and texturechange. For me it frames the face pretty well and I like styles that frame my face and it has all those little strands!

AVATAR at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair
Rezipsa loc at hair fair
Surf Couture at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig


  1. I'll be broke if you keep posting these pretty hairs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beautiful as usual!!! love it!!

    <333 Leah

  2. I'm sorry Leah, two more will come :P

  3. All your hair fair posts are soo awesome:D