Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair you want to nom 05

kik - yuko (brown, tinted a tad bit) | Ohmai - narin (yummy carrot)

This is the last of my [kik] purchases at hair fair. And like with "tae" already I really like how some soft strands of hair peek out of the whole thing. They add cuteness and a natural look to the style.

Yes, again Ohmai :) But I just can't stop blogging them! Like "narae" this one comes with a hat with band included in the style. So you can turn off wearing those in the menu that appears on leftclick. But also you can change their color or texture and there are some really nice choices :)

Surf Couture - mosey (cinnamon) | lamb - lovage (sunset)

If I would have to describe Emma's hair fair releases I'd say one is lovely, one is girly and one is cool. Lovely one has been featured in my last blog, today you see girly. This actually is a way I wear my rl hair from time to time, though mine is much longer ;) But that's a reason why I really like this style.

Whenever Lamb Bellic releases short hair styles they are somehow different. She doesn't create simple buns or knots or anything, there's always something special. Like with this one and that's why I had to show it to you.

[kik] at hair fair
!lamb. at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair
Surf Couture at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

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