Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair you want to nom 04

Atomic - fine fix'ns (carrot) | Ohmai - gabriel (yummy carrot)

Until now I didn't own any Atomic hairs, because they mostly just don't suit me or my face, but this one was love at first sight. It has a colorchange headband and features awesome textures. You should definitely check it out!

Another one of Anya Ohmai's treasures! This one comes with a color and texture change bandana and also a hat as a single object to attach. Therefor you can generate some real different looks with only one hair.

Surf Couture - new haven (cinnamon) | lamb - lovelier girl (sunset)

You all know I adore Emma Gilmour's work and I blog her a lot. The way she arranged her sculpts makes the style look really naturally falling and I love how the colorchange bow isn't only popped on the hair, but the sculpts give the "held together" look.

And another lovely long hair from lamb. God, her long ones are always my favs, though it's always a bit hard to do a good pic of long hair due to their ability to be stuck in your chest and boobs. But nevertheless I am always stunned by their quality.

Atomic at hair fair
!lamb. at hair fair
Ohmai at hair fair
Surf Couture at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig


  1. i really love the lamb hair on you. it gives your very youthful shape a more 20's/mature look. really stunning!

    - emily kaestner

  2. Thank you Emily :)

    Normally I'd say "ugggh, more mature?" - but I agree, it just suits me pretty well and I don't look old hahaha