Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hair you want to nom 02

Clawtooth - french connection (sunny days red) | - sasha (passionate red)

This new hair from Clawtooth is absolutely loveable. It has long wavy strands and comes with a colorchange little cap that offers colors for every outfit you can think of. Highlight of this hair for me is the fringe!

Though wants to do more clothes again after hair fair, they released some adorable new styles. I love hairbands, and yeah, I HAD to wear it in pink :D

lamb - mon cheri (sunset) | Amacci - emmie (light copper)

Another one of my fav hair creators is lamb. Lamb Bellic always makes me happy whenever she releases something new. Same goes for her hair fair styles. This one may hasn't any spectacular scripted stuff, but those little curls are simply cute!

Amacci is one of many that I don't have much hair from yet, and maybe it's the same for you. But you definitely should take a look at them, 'cause isn't that style adorable?

Amacci at hair fair
Clawtooth at hair fair at hair fair
!lamb. at hair fair

day lilies (whipped cream, old gift) - Pig

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