Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 070

undefined thingies 070b
You better hurry. I will eat it all by myself.

Ok this wasn't one of my fast outfits like last two blogs, but it was faster than I expected, cause for some blog outfits I need days to find the right pieces!
So, I put a lot of newer stuff together. You know I'm not a newness blogger, but use whatever fits, but this time most of it really should be around in SL for you to grab :D

Like this lovely shirt by with its buttons on the upper right (when wearing lol). It comes in several colors and even has a tiny bow to attach next to the buttons. Also it is a little bit transparent, so you better wear something beneath or on top of it if you don't want to show flesh haha.

The scarf has been available for 50L friday at Surf Couture a week or two back, it came in two colors and I'm in hope Emma will release those in other colors as well. If you didn't get them, don't worry! Emma is nice and puts her FLF stuff out afterwards for normal prices, so you can still get the scarf.

Another FLF item are my booties by Reek. With those I am not quite sure if you can still get them, but with most of his 50L items, Riq put them out later as a normal release with several other colors. So you might see those around soon :)

undefined thingies 070

hair - gst04 - Beautysalon CriCri

jacket - toggle jacket (creme) - Tokidoki
shirt - dion shirt (badger) -
vest - infinite ache vest (night out, gatcha rare) - Kyoot
skirt - ingrid high waist mini skirt (red) - artilleri
socks - socks (mostaza) - Emery

necklace - de olde goods (girls) - undefined lilies
scarf - central park scarf (cream) - Surf Couture
belt - part of culotte skirt - NINIKO
shoes - boston boots (brown) - REEK

gesticulate! (left)
[croire] (middle, right)

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