Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 069

Winter is near.

I have no clue why, but my outfits lately are fast outfits. They just pop in my mind and there they are. Only thing that takes time then is really blogging it, haha, so I'm sorry of any delay.

You should by all means get those LeLook exclusive dresses by Whippet & Buck, because they aren't just awesome, but, uh, well yeah: because they are just awesome. Comes in four colors and each skirt has a brown or a white belt - it is really easy to fit also and I simply love the textures.

You may have heard of the blogger challenge "52 weeks of color", where every new week bloggers are supposed to blog only using a certain color. Just started week has "goldenrod" and Rezipsa Loc put out some socks just therefor. Now I don't do that challenge, but I loved the socks and had to use them!

My scarf is one of my new favorites because it looks so fluffy and comfy. I got it as a gatcha item at Albero Gatcha Festival. It is available in several light and dark colors and I hope they will still be available at tram mainstore when the festival is over. And I definitely will have to play a few more times for more of those cute scarfs.


hair - details - elikatira

jacket - denim jacket (indigo) - BP*
dress - anchored frock (alabaster/cherry, exclusive at LeLook) - Whippet & Buck
socks - dot stockings (goldenrod) - Rezipsa Loc

bow - bow1 (lace b) - Tokidoki
scarf - neck warmer (l brown, gatcha) - tram
shoes - olea boots (worn) - Surf Couture

[croire] (left, right)
duboo (middle)