Friday, December 3, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie 071

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I'm going to hide.Will you try to find me?

Some newness today again :)

First this lovely bow scarf/necklace by Royal Blue. They come in various colors and chest/spine options and I simply adore them, but I'm not quite sure if they're released already. If they aren't, they probably will next couple of days. They are so cute and glam at the same time! You could wear it perfectly with something more formal too, I am sure.

The other news this time is: La Maison Kaestner has opened a new mainstore and released adorable new items. For today I am showing you the new knee high socks that are available in different color packs of three colors each. I think they are perfect to wear them with boots like I did. But try them with whatever shoes and styles you can think of!

Not that new, but beloved: my dress by Oyakin. I am a big fan of Kinbo Akina, for a long time already. And yeah, showcasing that cute little store has been a bit short lately. Therefor It is the main part of my outfit today :) If you're looking for cuteness, this store should be one of your very first locations to visit. End.

undefined thingies 071

hair - scarlet -

jacket - leigh jacket (grey, modded) - Modd.G
dress - mizutama onp (strawberry) - Oyakin
socks - basic knee knit socks (yellow) - La Maison Kaestner

scarf - bow good times necklace (duck) - (Royal Blue)
shoes - my leather boots - Milk Motion

pda (top, retired)
estetica (bottom all)

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