Sunday, December 18, 2011

undefined thingies 083

undefined thingies 083b
Went seeing some nature.

Yep, you've seen it right: I'm blogging an outfit. Woo!

Well, I just wanted to do it, simply cause I had fun putting it together with some pieces of just opened Four Corners!

I loved that skirt from Willow though it was kinda hard pairing it with something different than the included blouse. Simply because it is a dress originally and so the skirt does not come with single clothing layers. But as you can see, some work-around with other things and it works out quite well!

Another really adorable find at Four Corners are Milk Motions vintage heels. You can wear them bare (like I did) or with sculpted socks/sculpted feet you can of course retint (yep, the socks too). Lovely, aren't they?

Now go and do some shopping and don't forget to vote for your favorite corner at Four Corners!

undefined thingies 083

hair - quirky - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

top - meela lace dress (nude) - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)
skirt - part of bookworm dress (buttercup) - Willow at Four Corners (Weezey Warwillow)
tights - dot-ed after tights (nude) - Vive 9 (Sanya Bilavio)

necklace - dainty rain (gold/white) - undefined lilies at Four Corners (Liliana Barrs)
bow - part of gene (noir) - Ingenue (Betty Doyle)
shoes - my vintage heels (grey) - Milk Motion at Four Corners (Marie Lauridsen)

Everglow (all) (Fanny Willis)

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