Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Etheria - Painted Ladies collaboration

So much new stuff to tell you!

First off: On January 1st opened the second part of an event for jewelry designers collaborating with clothing designers. I was lucky to have Dakota Buck from Whippet & Buck in my boat. The event is called Etheria2 - Painted Ladies and initiated by Mouse Mimistrobell who is talking about the event itself here.

I made a delicate and small necklace named 'Holly is manifold' (in 5 colors) and lovely Kota Buck matched it with some flimsy lingerie named 'Barr none lingerie' which has the seams in the colors of my necklaces gems. You can spot both in the top pic :)
All of this yumminess (because there are awesome designers participating) can be found at Etheria event location!

vendor - holly is manifold

Then, another newness! Around christmas I released some earrings you might missed and I did not have the time to blog them yet. That's why I put them in here :D Nothing much to tell about because everything you need to know is seen on the vendor, well except that you can get them in 6 colors!

vendor - wing ding

A side note: Imogen (the sim where Kota and me are on) is going under some renovations, therefor our SLURLs have changed a tad bit - please take care when visiting our stores <3

tp to Etheria2 - Painted Ladies
tp to undefined lilies mainstore
tp to Whippet & Buck mainstore

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