Friday, February 26, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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At first I want to thank Mochi Milena (Pink Fuel), Saeya Nyanda (Kyoot) and Addison Mortlock/Caterina Canning/Lavea Alter (A-Bomb) for giving so much love to me, thank you girls, you rock!

My skin by Pink Fuel is in beta status and therefor not available yet. It still gets improved and as far as I know even has no name yet. But a bird told me it may be released in march ;)

The shirt I'm wearing is part of a minidress by Kyoot. It has a lovely back (that is really loooow) with a bow at your neck and comes in 5 muted colors (all dotted). If you got it at 50L friday last week you will have 6 colors though :)

Those ankle boots are pure love, girls. I was wandering around barefoot today to find something matching for my outfit and I ran across these lovelies at A-Bomb. They are colorchange and even modifiable so you can tweak around with the available colors a LOT.

And at one of my fav stores (ehe, you know already, Ohmai!) I got me this cute cardi in all available colors. I did mod all the prims to match my needs, normally it looks totally different. So you see what can be done with simple modding! :) I'm afraid this jacket won't be available in store anymore though, cause I think it has been a special for Creators Pavillion Winter Sale a while back, I'm sorry!

Lilie <3

hair - quinn -
skin - beta skin - [PINK FUEL]

jacket - granny made it (navybaby, all prims modded) - !Ohmai
shirt - low back ruffle mini dress (sisal) - Kyoot
skirt - high waist super skirt (blue) - Narwhal
socks - socks mit suspenders (white, modded) - Pig

necklace - cutie (flower pink mint) - *SiSSi*
shoes - ingrid ankle boots (modded for colorfit) - A-BOMB



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