Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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As you may know I am now CSR for .:StoRin:., which means from time to time I'll do a blog featuring Annah Whitfield's stuff. But just so you know: I'm still only wearing what I like so you can be sure I won't show you something just because I am working for a store. That wouldn't be good marketing and I'm sure lovely Ann wouldn't want me to get my readers angry, hehe
Btw you can read the store blog here

undefined thingies 027b This posting actually exists cause I wanted to show you the new skins from *Leafy which have been released yesterday and because Kaethe Dyrssen has been so lovely to send me a pack <3
I'm wearing lumiel tone (2nd lightest) in nude, but you can get your hands on 8 makeups total (not including nude). And if you are a hunter you even can get another one at Red Packet Hunt :D

But enough babbling, have a look at the skin again and then GO BUY ALL THAT STUFF hahaha!

Lilie <3

hair - girl anachronism - .:[Tiny Bird]:.
skin - miso (lumiel nude) - *Leafy

jacket - henkei knit (red packet hunt) - Oyakin
shirt - i love you (red packet hunt) - KENZIE&CO
pants - colby capri (brown, cuffs modded) - .:StoRin:.

belt - sam him bag (blue flowers) - .:StoRin:.
knee pasties - skinned knees (not available anymore) - { Cheeky Girl }
shoes - ballerine pig (pink) - =u.u= KaWai



  1. Ann doesn't want angry readers for sure! One of the reasons I like you, it is because of your personal style! And the only way of you doing that, is keep doing and wearing what you like :)