Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Waiting 'til the sun comes out | go wait with me | but don't forget your StoRin umbrella

Wondered where I've been? No worries, I'm all okai, but have been busy with finishing my bachelor thesis, and now I'm back to spam you with blogs :D

I don't have to say much but that I wanted to do something colorful immediately when trying on Beetlebones' new cardigan. Isn't it cute? I have to admit I first had some small problems fitting it perfectly, but since it's mod and you can tweak it how ever you want I got it really fast!

Bikini top by Pig added even more color, ooooh I love those bikinis, you really should get them <3 And if I'm not wrong, Apatia still has a 25L sale on new releases, including the bikinis!

And all poses used are from StoRin's newest packs: 'rubber duck' (left, prop set), 'curvilicious' (middle, poses) and 'around the world' (right, prop set) as well as the umbrella + pose I've used in my artsy pic! Go check them out! :)

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Lilie <3

hair - miu (modded) - Aurora Shop
skin - ember (honeyb) - [PINK FUEL]

jacket - light cardigan (seamist) - Beetlebones
shirt (top) - britney white buttondown (retired) - Last Call
shirt (bottom) - tableau summer bikini (sunshine) - Pig
pants - painted bow playsuit (50L friday or something, don't remember) - Whippet & Buck
socks - v suspender socks (white) - Picnic

hat - straw hat (lace b, gatcha) - Cockles
scarf - scarf (cloudie pink, gatcha) - Tee*fy
umbrella - alice umbrella - .:StoRin:.
belt - efemera (malt) - .:StoRin:.
shoes - basic flats (yellow) -


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