Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pink Fuel: Kumi

It's that time of the year again: Pink Fuel releases a new skin: Kumi. ATTENTION: It is not yet released! But it will be in the next few days!

Kumi is basically an asian inspired skin which you can mostly spot around the eyes. Everything else is pretty versatile. It comes in 8 skintones and hundreds of different options. Let me introduce you slowly.

The skintones from light to dark are: ivory, vanilla, peach, latte, hazel, mocha, java and espresso. The makeups are not always the same though. You'll find a pure option for every tone, and basics like different eyeliner variations and smokey eyeshadows can be found too. They just differ in color options to match your skintone perfectly.
Also, every skinpack features a variety of lipsticks. If you buy more than one tone, be sure to always wear the matching lip tattoos because otherwise it won't fit the tone. Each pack also includes a freckles tattoo and two brow shapers. Brow colors available are: dark, med, light, brown and for the lighter skintones red.

If your prefer to look not too asian, the 'pure' and 'defined' option come with an eyelid crease too, so you could wear one of these and add various makeup tattoos out of your inventory.

Because I think all those skintones deserve a detailed faceshoot, I decided to create an individual face shape for each of them to show you the beauty of Kumi in all its faces. So, there won't be body shoots this time, I am sorry. Picture heavy and LONG!

tp to Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena)

pf-kumi-01 skin - kumi ivory (pure w/ crease; redbrow)
eyes - smoothglow eyes - Ibanez (Annie Ibanez)
lashes - photoshoot ii lashes - LeLutka (Minnu Palen)
hair - return - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

pf-kumi-02 skin - kumi vanilla (winged; lightbrow) + lip tint swoon w/ teeth
eyes - frozen night - Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
lashes - photoshoot ii lashes - LeLutka (Minnu Palen)
hair - control - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

pf-kumi-03 skin - kumi peach (light smokey; brownbrow; freckles) + matte lips temptation
eyes - mirror eyes - Insufferable Dastard (Audrey Lamede)
lashes - dott eye lashes - LeLutka (Minnu Palen)
hair - vines - Chemistry (Kimberlee Miles)

pf-kumi-04 skin - kumi latte (green; medbrow) + lip glaze jelly kiss w/ teeth
eyes - signature - Ibanez (Annie Ibanez)
lashes - eyelashes v5 - Garage (Slava Parkinn)
hair - unfold - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

pf-kumi-05 skin - kumi hazel (dual smokey; medbrow) + lip tint pumpkin
eyes - smoothglow eyes - Ibanez (Annie Ibanez)
lashes - eyelashes v10 - Garage (Slava Parkinn)
hair - studio - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

pf-kumi-06 skin - kumi mocha (meow; brownbrow) + matte lips spice
eyes - smoothglow eyes - Ibanez (Annie Ibanez)
lashes - eyelashes v18 - Garage (Slava Parkinn)
hair - listen - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

pf-kumi-07 skin - kumi java (opal; darkbrow) + lip frost shine peachy w/ teeth
eyes - twilight cat - Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
lashes - sidewinder - amper (Ampersand Artful)
hair - daffodil - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

pf-kumi-08 skin - kumi espresso (shimmer; darkbrow)
eyes - smoothglow eyes - Ibanez (Annie Ibanez)
lashes - feather - Miriel (Miriel Enfield)
hair - abbey - elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

bra - sasha lingerie/ tess underthings - Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck, Twiggy Whippet)

Everglow (Fanny Willis)

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