Friday, April 23, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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Dear Mom, I'm gonna marry a pilot!
airport / StoRin pose

My jacket is lovely newness from Pink Outfitters and comes in six great bold colors to perfectly combine. It is very spring like, but I can imagine beautiful shots and outfits with it later in fall again. Only thing I couldn't fit perfect was the collar. Its side parts never match the worn jacket layer without showing holes or too much texture. But that might be a shape thing and wouldn't affect all of you (and it still is a GREAT jacket!!).

The long shirt is normally not *that* long, but I modded it ;) All of's stuff can be modded and fitted easily and that's why when buying just one simple thing you can do lots of looks with it. With this one you even could do a short dress and pair it with leggings!

Normally my skirt by Beetle Bones is one with a top part, cause it is high waisted and therefor comes with an adorable top prim with buttons. But in my case I just needed as a simple skirt, and you can wear it as one without any problems.

P.S.: Where is my pilot?

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Lilie <3

hair - bella - I LOVE OLIVE
skin - ember (classic glam, not released yet) - [PINK FUEL]

jacket - sera military jacket (navy blue) - Pink Outfitters
shirt (bottom) - prairie blouse (plain pink) - So Many Styles
shirt (top) - traveler's tank (yellow) -
skirt - lucia high waisted skirt (black, w/out high waist prim) - Beetle Bones

scarf - sue neck scarfs (black plain) - artilleri
shoes - freynii (noir) - Ingenue
suit case - .:StoRin:.

ANIMATIONS (left to right)
au soleil
don't freak out!

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