Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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In the woods.

Long time no blog, peeps!
And I'm really sorry about that, so much stuff going on right now in my life - but here I am!

This is the actual first preview of new Pink Fuel skins. Yes, I've worn them before, but Mochi Milena changed some things during that whole time and now that face is what you'll get. I'm so excited! And stay calm girls, skin will be released very soon!!

My skirt is part of Surf Couture's 'sway sundress' which I already have since release but haven't got time to do an outfit with. Now here it is, I actually really like how it turned out. BTW the dress comes with an adorable puff top which I hope to use in another outfit soon :)

Same sorry feeling goes for [kik] hair cause actually I wanted to blog this store since months already :( This hair with hat is one of the new releases and really cute. And best and not normal anymore these days: everything is modify! God I love as001 Littlething therefor, a lot of creators don't sell their hair mod anymore which is why I don't buy them. And it's really not that expensive either :)

Last but not least all poses used are from StoRin's new release 'something cute'. Actually my pose in close up piccie is 'curvilicious' set, but you can't see the pose in that one, I just wanted to tell you, hahahaha

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Lilie <3

hair - kaoru - [kik]
skin - ember (gossip, not released yet) - [PINK FUEL]

jacket - long opened cardigan (yellow) - La Maison Kaestner
shirt - tulip (ivory) - *Luster
belt - agnes cincher (oyster) - Whippet & Buck
skirt - sway sundress (robin's egg) - Surf Couture
socks - scrunchy wool socks (clay) - PIDIDDLE

earrings - little bow earring (silver, modded) stumblebum item! - Whippet & Buck
necklace - repairs necklace (silver) - Whippet & Buck
shoes - victorian flat (teal) - Tee*fy

ANIMATIONS (left to right)
.:StoRin:. at Albero


  1. Very cute. The skin works really well for you.

  2. I'm glad you're blogging and even more happy to know you're in a better mood <3

    You look adorable in this outfit, and this skin is really cute! Perfect for you!

    I *want* the hair! Actually, I *need* the hair!

    <3 you tons and tons

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