Monday, November 9, 2009

Shop 'n hop with Lili

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Because I think it's just fair, I always told you which pieces of what I am wearing have been gifts and I will tell you again this time. So let's start with the basic piece I got free - the long shirt/dress from Luck Inc. It really gives a great look - you can combine it in very different ways and you know, when I am able, I always go for the cute look. It's available in a lot of solid colors and patterns - there *will* be one for you, too!

Second giftie in this post is the necklace from *SiSSi* - I am wearing it since some days because it perfectly matches all my outfits lately. You should visit her store, she has some nice things out there.

That have been the blogger gifts. Now to one of my fav stores. Ohmai. Yes, you have seen a lot by Anya in this blog. And I am sorry, Anya, I am no stalker, seriously, I just love all of your stuff. Please go on for years with what you're doing and I will always have a reason spending L$ :))

P.S. Sorry, I just recognized that cute skirt has been retired. I loved it for months. But don't worry, Ana Boogiewoogie has new cute things up for sale!

Lili <3

hair - green - 295L - Maitreya
skin - skye (copper) - 900L - [Pink Fuel]

jacket - pocket cardigan (navy) - 200L - !Ohmai
shirt - tankdress (cute heart skulliehs) - 220L - *Linc*
skirt - jean skirt (neon orange) - retired - Sh*t happens
socks - grandma's gifts (grey) - 50L - Duboo

necklace - rock mah skull - 139L - *SiSSi*
shoes - crisis pumps I - 399L - Sculpties up in here



  1. Thank you so much Lili *hugs* and much looveee~~ Very flattered and honored that you like what I do <3 you're a lovely blogger with such an eye for color ^^

    And your face!! I've said it on flickr and i'll say it again now at the risk of sounding creepeh but you have such a precious lil faceee *huggles*

  2. Anya! Anya!! YOU are honored? I AM! Because of your comment here and in flickr, omg, I'm like a 14 year old with a secret crush, hahahaha

  3. I'm un-retiring the jeans and skirts in my next release! ;)

  4. Oh cool! I def need more colors of that skirt <3