Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shop 'n hop with Lili

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Hello again! Today's my 3rd rezzday!! \oo/

It's not a very mixed one this time, but I loved this look and I love the featured stores so much I want to wear their items everyday.

The jacket from **DP**yumyum is a thingie I have a whole while sleeping in my inventory and from time to time I take it out of my wardrobe and combine it with different things everytime. It comes with a grey shirt, but you can wear it as a stand-alone jacket, too - as you can see, haha

Sweater is from Oyakin and still available in group notices!! Also you can get it in plain colors (wow, a lot of colors) at Kinbo's store, check them out!
I guess you remember that skirt, because I've worn and shown it to you before. But as I said in my post then - it comes in 4 styles, and this time I'm wearing a different one :)

P.S.: Thanks to Helianthus Mesmer and Flutter Memel for giving so much pose-love to bloggers. I love you!

Lili <3
hair - barberyumyum 18 - 150L - **DP**yumyum
skin - skye (beestung) - 900L - [Pink Fuel]

jacket - tweed jacket (green) - 220L - **DP**yumyum
shirt - long t (dot, beige & lightkaki) - group gift (plain 30L/60L) - Oyakin
skirt - chifon skirt (beige) - 70L - Oyakin
socks - kushu sox (gray) - 15L - Oyakin

scarf - sue scarf (red) - retired - artilleri
shoes - mia ballet flats (red, color change) - 100L - A-Bomb

sunflower poses
Tiny bird


  1. is your shape from leafy? ^^

  2. No, I made it myself and will work on it my whole slife xD

  3. Ohh good job :) I just buy shapes then edit it a bit myself because if I make one myself for some reason it never looks like I want it to xD

    I saw you in Clawtooth ^^
    love your style ♥

  4. Oh, I only bought a shape one time when I was noob, but it looked ugly and so I deleted it, haha

    Thankies Yumeni :)