Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shop 'n hop with Lili

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It's me again :)) With a warm and colorful winterlook, at least I hope I got it.

The skirt is a supercute surprise from .:StoRin:., Annah sent a review gift to me in gold/blue and I so loved the skirt of that dress, that I had to get a second color. I'm sorry I didn't get the blue skirt to work in my outfit, Ann, but be sure I love it and will wear it with different thingies! And yes, I know you told me I don't have to blog it, but but but ... I so liked it ;__;

I know I've worn that jacket from Ohmai before, just in another color. Well, you get it as a colorpack, so ... you will see the other colors in later blogposts :P

Sweater is a bloggers gift from [ Cynful ] a bit ago, but I like it's simpleness and you can combine it very, very well with a lot of things. AND it comes with black/white lace at the top and without. Lace gives a really cute look!

I don't want to babble too long in here, so here a shortie: Duboo will always be one of my fav.stores.ever.
DM Designs is new to me, but the bloggers gift got me, totally, thank you!
Me has new boots from Surf Couture, I am quirky with buying boots, really.
And finally I found a reason wearing my old Mirai hairs again, yay!

Lili <3
hair - fuka - 200L - Mirai Style
skin - skye (beestung) - 900L - [Pink Fuel]

jacket - pocket cardigan (chilli) - 200L - !Ohmai
sweater - sinful sweater (navy blue) - 270L - [ Cynful ]
shirt (below sweater) - ruched button down (white) - 165L -
skirt - flowey (grey/purple) - 150L - .:StoRin:.
tights - leggings laundry day (tuesday) - 150L - Duboo

necklace - eleni necklace (gold/red) - 349L - DM Designs
shoes - parker knit boots (dark gray) - 200L - [SC] Surf Couture



  1. You look totally adorable!

    I knew you were going to use it in a different way that I use it!

    I <3 your style :))

  2. Big thankies Ann!!

    I so hoped you will like it :)