Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shop 'n hop with Lili

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Hello out there!

Some days back lovely Brutus Martinek from Pididdle sent me some items for review and since then I searched for an outfit to put something she sent in. Okai, I finally have something, even if it's only some socks. But that store is great, believe me! Brutus is very talented and creates a lot of more special and non mainstream things that you can be sure I will include her things more often soon :)

Izumiya is again one of my fav stores, cause everything there is great for a low price. Clothes for females and males, accessories and even poses you can find. Do me a favor and visit Izumiya asap, you won't regret!

And, I think everybody knows, has sale again. I have been good enough to don't buy a lot of things in meantime, cause I knew there will be a sale sooner or later. And now girls (and guys for christmas presents ;)) run and get all the goodies you were waiting for, it really is cheap right now!

And for artilleri - Antonia, shopping in your store has been wonderful for me since a long, long time. I have superold and exclusive new items in my inv, and all are fab. Go there and buy, hurry!

Lili <3
hair - lucy 2 - 75L -
skin - skye (beestung) - 900L - [Pink Fuel]

jacket - brown jacket - 60L - =IZUMIYA=
shirt - boatneck tee - 50L -
pants - johanna hightwaist shorts (dark blue) - 150L - artilleri
tights - wool panty (brown stripes) - 80L - *Luck Inc*
socks - scrunchy wool socks (mauve) - 70L - PIDIDDLE

scarf - moody autumn shawl - 0L - Vive 9
belt - wide waist belt (fruit punch) - 0L -
shoes - sneakers - 30L - HOC


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