Friday, December 11, 2009

Shop 'n hop with Lili

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It's almost christmas and a lot of you have snow already, well, I don't. But I still like to wear cuddle, warm and cozy things :)

Riq Graves from Reek sent these lovely mittens and scarfs to me, thanks again Riq! I told you I will enjoy them, haha :D I'm sure you've seen them at different blogs already, and they are worth to buy. AND Reek takes part in the "down the chimney" hunt and offers those scarfs and mittens in a lovely blue as a gift.

Betty Doyle
is the fab designer at Ingenue, offering a lot of great vintage stuff. She sent this sweater to a bloggers group and oh Betty, I am in love!

When you haven't been to Surf Couture, artilleri and Clawtooth - damn, go and get your goodies at least 50% off!! Surf Co and artilleri have their sales until saturday, 12th and Clawtooth until sunday, 13th. I swear you will be sad when you miss that, so don't!

And because poses most times are missed in blogs: thanks to pda for such lovely poses. I get your offers at 50L friday almost everytime!

P.S.: Anya, you know, I can't say something about you everytime here, but you see, lovelies, I am wearing Ohmai again, hum.

Lili <3

hair - cuddle puddle - 150L (50% off sale!) - Clawtooth
skin - skye (beestung) - 900L - [Pink Fuel]

jacket - fashion set no. 19 - 25L - =IZUMIYA=
sweater - marguerite (true blue) - 100L - Ingenue
shirt - basics trash tank (misty) - starlust trash hunt - !Ohmai
pants - hot cocoa stain jeans (gray) - 67L (50%-75% off sale!) - Surf Couture

mittens - cozy mittens (gold) - 99L - Reek
scarf - cozy scarf (gold) - 99L - Reek
shoes - elsa boots (light gray) - 100L (50%-75% off sale!) - Surf Couture


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