Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lili

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Today I'm wearing a different style, though I'm not overly cute, but I like it.

Let's start with the fabolous skin shown here. I'm sure you've seen it in the feeds already, but I had the big luck that lovely Keiko Morigi from &Bean sent some review copies to me (thank you so much Keiko, you made me happy for days!) :)
It comes in pale, light and tan - I am wearing pale - and every tone offers 10 makeups and different kinds of brows (big brows, bleached brows and small brows, what is shown above) and freckles!! I love freckles, I can't live without. Some months I wore some skins without freckles and it never felt like me. But since lovely Mochi Milena put up skye (featured in a lot of my blogs) those times are gone, and now with pillow I am happy one more time. So, talking about skins is bleh, right? That's why I put up another pic of it where you can see its pureness and softness (please see below, pic is untouched). That skin really is worth every linden, girls!

Shoes by Nardcotix have been a gift to bloggers for review and I really like them although I normally wear flats all the time. But those bows, oh bows!! I've seen similar pumps in rl and I want them so bad, seems I really have to get them now :))
Only thing I have to admit is they are a bit big and you can't change their size. As you know I am very petite and in some angles they just don't look right on me, but I wanted to show them to you and well, they matched my outfit perfectly.

Thanks to every other designer creating so fab stuff, I love all of you!!

Lili <3

undefined thingies 021b

hair - oh my julia - 100L - [OH]
skin - pillow (five) - 1000L - &Bean

jacket - sloppy cardigan (anemone) - 50L - A:S:S
shirt - call me tee - old gift - Emery
pants - hot cocoa stain jeans (light gray) - 135L - Surf Couture

necklace - holiday bows necklace - x-mas gift - PIDIDDLE
belt - gift belt - group gift - *COCO*
shoes - absinthe (scarlet) - 500L - Nardcotix

pda (partly 50L friday)
Nil Giha for DU III

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