Friday, January 22, 2010

Shop 'n hop with Lilie

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I'm really not sure what to tell you this time, cause I think the outfit and its parts speak for themselves :D

But okee, I'll give it a try.
I LOVE gacha, yes! And anuenue has so cute gacha items you shouldn't miss. Please, don't miss them, tp there immedately and get what you want!!

And I LOVE 50L friday! Today Pig offers this cute jacket with a lovely bow *points* and one of my poses features pda offer :D

What you probably didn't know yet (I didn't until Emma Gilmour told me) - this new jeans from Surf Couture come in dot and plain style! So when you buy one you get two for your money! That's why I got me the fatpack, you can never have enough cool jeans, tehehehe

Lilie <3

hair - gst03 - 170L - Beauty Salon CriCri
skin - skye (beestung) - 900L - [Pink Fuel]

jacket - sing sing (precious) - 50L friday - Pig
shirt - layered bubble sleeves top (summer) - 110L - Naughty
sweater (below shirt, armparts) - ballet sweater (berry) - 0L -
jeans - belmar skinny jeans (original dots) - 150L - Surf Couture

scarf - mufbon (light pink) - 30L gacha - "anuenue.
shoes - patchwork ribbon boots (blue) - 60L gacha - "anuenue.


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