Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shop 'n hop with Lili

Something simple but nice for today. You can wear it casual and I do wear similar combinations in RL for birthdays and small parties - I just love tunics!
This one here is from Random Fashions (Garbage <3 all your stuff!) and unfortunately it comes without glitch pants. BUT! Here is my tip for you: I am wearing the normal tunic prim (attached to spine) and add it a second time to my left pec. In that way it will work with most AO animations without showing clothing layers below. That def works for a lot of dresses and tunics - try it out!
As for the leggings I can't remember which gift they were included in, cause I only kept the leggings and renamed the folder. But he, no problem, there are so much black leggings out there, aren't they?
I won't say anything about the hair except: GOGOGO! Annette Voight has done a great job on all her stuff at Decoy and I am waaaay happy with her sale and free items until october 12th!

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<3 Lili

hair - nicole - 0L until oct 12th - Decoy
skin - skye (leafy) - 900L - [Pink Fuel] at skin/shape expo

tunic - marshmallow (green) - 75L - Random Fashions
leggings - leggings (black) - part of a gift - Cupcakes

necklace - crystal cross choker (white) - 100L - mamesando
shoes - mia ballet flats (black, color change) - 100L - A-Bomb


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