Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shop 'n hop with Lili

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Are you up to a date? When you are, you definitely should check out Kellie Iwish's new dress called Joy. And it really is joy to wear it! Really Kellie, thank you for giving those review copies to me (besides that was my first real review copy! <3), otherwise I would have totally missed them. And as you can see in the pic above you can wear it perfect in combinations (okai, I edited it slightly to fit the coat) and even as a single statement - it will look fabulous! You can get it in seven pastel colors and therefor combine it with other colors (even heavier ones) really well.

The coat from Beauty Avatar was love at first sight and I am happy I got it, but ... I am happy I had a gift card, too. Cause it really is expensive for my taste. I don't want to rant about pricing in here, but sometimes I can only sigh at some prices, you know what I mean?

To end with a positive feeling: those lovely pumps are still up as a welcome gift in Maitreya's subscribe o matic and when you don't have them yet, please get them, you won't regret.

<3 Lili

hair - morgan & ruby - 225L - Truth
skin - skye (angel) - 900L - [Pink Fuel] at skin/shape expo

coat - essenza jacket (blue) - 650L - Beauty Avatar
dress - joy (cream) - 265L - (Elate!)
tights - starley tights (starley II mini sweater dress) - retired - Last Call

necklace - gold and freshwater pearl necklace - retired - Muse
shoes - group gift pumps - available in subscribe o matic - Maitreya

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  1. Thank you, Lili! What a cute look! I love the dress with the coat. Also, super props for listing your poses in your outfit credits. Pose makers don't get enough love.

  2. Hehe, I love all the pose makers for giving away a lot of freebies in their groups and hunts and stuff - I have tons of your goodness, darlings!

    And Kellie, it was a pleasure to create an outfit with your dress, I don't want to take it off :))